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‘The pain of divorce is worse than death, it is difficult to meet Radharani in this Kalyug’, said Nitish Bhardwaj

There have been many ups and downs in the personal life of actor Nitish Bhardwaj, who immortalized Krishna’s character in BR Chopra’s serial Mahabharata. In 2009, after breaking up his 14-year marriage with Monisha Patil, he again tied the knot with Smita Gate. Ten years later, in 2019, his second marriage also ended.

It is difficult to find Radha in this Kalyug

Let me tell you, Nitish has been single for some time now. After two broken marriages, does he still believe in their love? They say in response, yes, sure.. but haven’t got it yet. Looking for (laughs). May be Krishna is taking me towards quietness. Which means selflessness. It is difficult to find Radha Rani in this Kalyug.

always open on divorce
Nitish has always spoken openly on broken marriages and divorces. During an interview, he described the process of divorce as more painful than death. He said that divorce is worse than death because it leaves you with an emptiness. Though I believe in marriage but alas I have never been lucky in this relationship. I think there can be many reasons for marriage break up. Like many times we are not able to adjust with the behavior of our partner, so many times we lack compassion for each other. Our ego and opposite ideology also sometimes become the reason for this distance. However, in this entire episode, every member of the family has to bear this sorrow.

Active in theatre, film and web series

These days Nitish is in discussion about his play Chakravyuh. He is playing the character of Krishna in this play. On the occasion of Janmashtami, he did this play a few days ago in Delhi. The rest of the shows will be held in Mumbai. In films where Nitish was last seen in Kedarnath. So at the same time, his work in both the seasons of the web show Samantar was appreciated by the audience.


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