Thursday, June 1, 2023

The one by one of Unicaja – Telekom Bonn

The best. He was the soul of the team throughout the game. If a minimum of defensive intensity was maintained, it was thanks to him. The rock dressed in green and purple. He not only contributed the work that is assumed when it comes to protecting the hoop, it is that he also left 12 points and 8 rebounds. With him +8 on track. Nothing to reproach one of the great warriors of this Unicaja.

Kendrick Perry *

He could have been the hero and ended up hurt. Their numbers say more (12 points and 7 assists) than the sensations He forced, ended up deranged. The grand final was played on a triple.

Alberto Diaz *

He was not physically fit and the team missed him, especially in the final minutes to bring order to the chaos. He ended up very touched.

Tyson Carter*

Decaffeinated version of a player who should be differential, as much or more than in the Copa del Rey. He is young, it will help him learn, but he has to show up.

Dario Brizuela *

The match started as the most unbalancing piece with 7 very fast points, but he quickly fell apart along with the rest of his companions. Pity.

Tyler Kalinoski *

Another of those who was wrong in the triple when he was most needed and if he doesn’t score… there’s little to do. Far from the best version of him on the key day.

Nihad Djedović **

He had a last quarter worthy of a Euroleague Final Four. He stayed at 1 point, but stole three balls with masterful defenses. Hold and head.

Jonathan Barreiro-

Testimonial appearance in this meeting that of the Galician. He played just over 9 minutes during the first half and that’s where his presence ended. 2 points and nothing else.

Will Thomas-

13 minutes he was on track and did not generate. He could have been instrumental if he had contributed some experience. The Will of the last few weeks came to nothing.

David Kravish*

It took him less than three minutes to make two fouls. The third came in the second quarter. Inevitably he was eliminated. You can’t do it in these games.

Yankuba Sima –

It does not match the level left by Osetkowski or Kravish. He has the conditions to be a defensive reference, but he falls far behind. Not much less in attack.

Dylan Osetkowski *

7 points and 7 rebounds, but had a poor 2/8 from 3-pointer. If someone else had entered … he also ended up desperate with the arbitration and lost focus.


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