Saturday, December 2, 2023

The notes of Unicaja – Real Madrid from the Endesa Super Cup

Dylan Osetkowski. Warrior (8)

There were players with better numbers, but if we all trusted until the end it was thanks to the Californian. He had a somewhat timid first half, but he defended Tavares after the break like someone who stops someone who is 1.80. He got ahead of all the balls and his steals allowed the team to fly on the counterattack. From there, he gained more confidence offensively. He will return to ‘4’, but his efforts in Murcia deserve great recognition.

Kendrick Perry (8)

He is one of the great hearts of this team on the court. He started like a plane with a 3/3 in triples and leading his team, he fell a little like the rest of the team and resurrected to fight for the game (17 points and 4 assists). Perry is back. That’s the best news.

Alberto Diaz (6)

Carter’s presence on the track takes away his responsibility when it comes to directing. The problem is when he is not there. As always, good defense. Without the respect of the referees? Completely. He had to go to the bench due to some physical problem and did not return. I hope it’s as little as possible…

Tyson Carter (7)

He is a Euroleague level player. How lucky we are to see him in green and purple! He shone in the first half. He put the team on his back and created absolutely everything. However, he completely disappeared in the second half. He appeared little on the track, but he didn’t star in great moments when he did.

Tyler Kalinoski (7)

He played much more in the final and was more involved in both attack and defense. He went deep to chase Campazzo and to create his own shots. 9 points and 6 rebounds. If he had an odometer…

Kameron Taylor (7)

Unicaja has signed a player with enormous potential. He lost the physical fight against Hezonja, but he stood up to him in every action and had good actions on the counterattack in that final comeback attempt. Double theft to continue believing in the final sprint.

Nihad Djedovic (5)

The exuberant physical level of the Real Madrid forwards undoubtedly harmed him. He went from 30 minutes to 15. He had very little offensive participation. He was in Campazzo’s shadow for a while.

Jonathan Barreiro (5)

He was only on the track for 5 minutes. Ibon Navarro confirmed his discomfort on Saturday at a press conference and it seems that this twin was not well enough to compete or he simply chose not to force it.

Melvin Ejim (6)

The Canadian returned to ‘earth’. There is no doubt about his physical condition, but he was not as fine as in the semifinal. The three fouls before the break didn’t help either. I hope I can rest as much as possible this week to arrive fresh for Tenerife day. He is needed.

Will Thomas (8)

Another kind of intelligence and physique -yes, physique-, now in the final of the Endesa Super Cup. He kept Madrid’s ‘4’ at bay, led Unicaja’s counterattack, and was one of the most successful in the third quarter of the comeback. Everything he could do, he did well. He is privileged, but we are privileged to have him.

Ilimane Diop (3)

Not only will he be left out when the centers return – perhaps next week – but the coaching staff already prefers to opt for youth players at certain times. It takes away much more than it can give. He plays with apathy. I don’t know if the Super Cup will give him a contract…

Baboucar Badji (5)

The fourth player in the history of the Endesa Super Cup to debut as a minor. The absence of the centers forced him to be called up and Ibon Navarro trusted him. He seemed somewhat lost in the defensive systems – logical -, although in attack he was somewhat better, contributing with 2 points.


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