Sunday, December 3, 2023

The notes of the players in Unicaja – Lenovo Tenerife

Tyler Kalinoski *****. The best. In a playoff where shooters are in fashion, Tyler Kalinoski recalled that he is one of the great specialists in the field. 21 points with the feeling of having scored 35 or 40. To remember the 5 that he scored at the beginning of the second quarter. His was the start of the comeback and his are the semifinals.

Kendrick Perry *** The umpteenth exhibition of the season. After wearing the ‘panthers’ shirt as a tribute to the current champions in the warm-up, he took his Unicaja kit like a superhero and once again destroyed the Canarian defense. 16 points already for the next one to come. Since when was there not such a point guard at Unicaja?

Tyson Carter*** He was the most irregular of the team in terms of shooting, but he didn’t care to be essential in the mobility of the game. He did it again from the base before Alberto was lost and distributed 6 assists. At least he was more confident

Dario Brizuela *** The four personal fouls made their game shorter than expected, but the 13 points left them. He has lost that ‘fear’ of Tenerife. Now he is the one who devastates. Unstoppable in open, huge change.

Nihad Djedović *** 9 points, 5 rebounds and a plant on the huge court. Pure experience, essential in this type of encounter that needs a head and control. He slowed down Cook, found Bolmaro’s point…dried them all dry.

Jonathan Barreiro *** If the points belonged to Kalinoski, the heart and claw of Carpena bore the name of Jonathan Barreiro. Did anyone remember that he was injured? He dropped to the ground, fought for any rebound, hit everything and everyone…

Melvin Ejim *** Melvin Ejim is the cornerstone on which the artwork that is the compositor defense revolves. Pure muscle, unbreakable for many. But, in addition, he rounded off the night with a marvelous attacking performance with 12 points in the form of layups, penetrations, midrange shots…

Will Thomas *** Will Thomas likes the playoffs, Will Thomas wants to play in the playoffs and now he is delighted to play in the Endesa League semifinals. The comeback from work behind also bears the signature of his name.

Osetkowski, during the match against Lenovo Tenerife. Alex Zea

*** Dylan Osetkowski The best Dylan Osetkowski has arrived to play the most decisive phase of the season. It’s not just his numbers (10 points and 7 rebounds), it’s the defensive intensity that he brings to the game, the intelligence to get his hands on it, to protect the rim… Fireproof soldier.

David Kravish*** Discreet party of the ’45’ compositor for what is usually usual for him. 6 points and 4 rebounds. However, important to contain the interiors of Tenerife. The duo that he forms with Osetkowski is lethal.

Yankuba Sima *** His 0 points and 1 rebounds are far from the true impact he had on the court, although he wasn’t like Sima in the first game either. The step forward that he has taken in these playoffs is very important.


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