Thursday, June 1, 2023

The notes of the players in Málaga CF – CD Mirandés

Scarce (8). Good match from the man from Malaga, completed with the goal that made it 1-0. He was serious and concentrated behind, solving what he had to do.

Ruben Yanez (7). Good above and below. He made a great save for Raúl in the second half. Safe on your outings. He didn’t have too much work.

Delmás (7). Remarkable game from the right-back. very involved He managed a great cross for Escassi to score the first goal of the game. Good on the anticipations.

Ramalho (6). Serious match on his return to ownership. Solid and calm with the ball at his feet. It was not the meeting where he was most demanded.

Juande (4). A weak season is ending badly. He looks slow, with out of position at the wrong time. Without any confidence and whistled by the stands.

Christian (7). He gave it his all to get the band up again and again. The centers of it did not find the desired target. He ended up exhausted and had to be replaced at the end.

N’Diaye (2). He was the player who received the most criticism. Sound of wind every time he touched the ball. He was booked in the first half and substituted at halftime.

Phoebes (6). The best in midfield. Committed in defense and trying to create in attack. He still lacks being decisive near the rival area.

Fran Villalba (6). With more or less success, he did not hide despite the troubled weather. He wanted the ball and combined with his teammates. He missed a great opportunity.

Junior Lake (7). Another of the players who left with an ovation. He sealed the match with a good header early in the second half. Eager to please.

Pablo Chavarria (7). One of the fittest players in the squad, his absence was noted in Ponferrada. Mobile and daring. He assisted Lago Junior in the 2-0.

From the bench…

Luis Munoz (4): Little participatory. Intense.

Ruben Castro (5): He sent it to the stick at the discount.

Esteban Burgos (5): beeped.

Jehozabed (4): Marked by the stands. No significance.

Alex Calvo (SC): The stands asked for his entry and gave him an ovation. He came out almost at the discount and could do little.


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