Friday, December 9, 2022

The notes of the players at Zaragoza – Málaga CF

Yáñez (8) Salvador. He kept the team in the game when it suffered the most. Several saves of great merit with the game 0-0. Vital in the blue and white point.

Bustinza (5) Compliant. He touched her on the side, dutiful. Outmatched in some action but with an undeniable will. Málaga needs him to the fullest.

Esteban Burgos (6) Marshal. Good above and below. Resisting the opponent’s attacks well. Busy. Solvent, the centrals deserve a good grade.

Juande (5) Solvent. Well also, in the line of his partner in the center of the rear. A lot of work, resolved perfectly, except in that final draw.

Javi Jiménez (1) Designated. His expulsion is very doubtful, but it condemns him. Again pointed out in an away game. He left the team with 10 at 14 minutes.

Scarce (6) Bravo. He returned to the midfielder after the entire season in the center of the rear. He did what he could, he multiplied in numerical inferiority. Decent.

Luis Muñoz (6) Lung. The image of the match is to see him press and squeeze the rival even with Málaga outnumbered. Málaga needs him, and he is ready.

Hervías (5) Intermittent. Party sacrificed for the extremes. He had to tighten his seatbelt and run backwards. He tried when he could. Day to work.

Cristian (6) Team player. Like Hervías, sacrificed in defense in numerical inferiority. Few opportunities to overwhelm in attack. He had to help, and he did.

Phoebes (4) Lost. He did not find his game, nor was the context of the game the right one. Like everyone, sacrificed for the team. Málaga needs the Best Febas.

Fran Sol (4) Substituted. Difficult game for a striker. Attrition work in numerical inferiority. The situation of the team penalized him. He deserves more chances.

from the bench

Lawrence (5): Difficult task with the team far behind. Hard fight with the centrals.

Genero (5): Some good cut.

Ramon (5): He tried to pack the midfield.

Haitam (7): Go out and kiss the saint. Great goal as soon as he entered the field.

Ramalho (5): Little time to have an impact.

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