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The notes of the Málaga CF players, one by one

Alfonso Herrero (9)

Determinant. He supported the team in the most critical moments and was decisive for Málaga to score a point against Córdoba. Haitam’s goal play was born from his stratospheric save five minutes from time. There was nothing he could do about Simo’s goal from a point-blank header.

The team

Jokin Gabilondo (6)

He wanted to have an offensive presence. He put several dangerous centers into the area that did not find a finisher. He had a very demanding match against Simo. He suffered, but he fulfilled.

Nélson Monte (7)

Good game from the Portuguese centre-back. Simo sneaks in the goal between the two centre-backs. Much superior in individual duels. Forceful when he had to be. He had work with Toril.

Einar Galilea (4)

He ended the game expelled for a double yellow card. Before, he had a mistake that almost cost Málaga dearly. In the goal, Simo sneaks in behind him and scores without opposition. The team loses him for the next appointment.

Dani Sánchez (5)

He didn’t have his best afternoon. She suffered a lot to close the Carracedo on her side. The rival’s goal came in an action from that side. He could barely produce on offense.

Genaro (4)

He was not at the same level as in the game against Antequera. Nervous and hasty in some moments of the game. He lost some compromised ball that cost him a whistle from the stands.

Dani Lorenzo (5)

He wanted to show himself and order the team, but it seems that he still lacks a little bit of confidence. He delivers, he gave everything, he even had to finish the game at center back due to the expulsion of Einar Galilea.

David Larrubia (7)

At times, the best version of Larrubia was seen. Very active in the first half. He had a great chance in the second half that hit a defender. Málaga needs this Larrubia.

Kevin (3)

Missing in action. Very poor performance by the youth squad, who was barely able to create danger on his side. He was substituted after the 60th minute of the game. Kevin’s game is very gray.

Dioni Villalba (6)

He is the one who gives meaning to the attack, but on this occasion he lost the game against his markers. He looked a little slow and tired in the second half. Pellicer chose to substitute him in the final stretch.

Roberto laments a missed opportunity. Gregorio Marrero / Gregorio Marrero

Robert (6)

His line in pressure and effort. He was a headache for the center backs, but no one accompanied him. It was an island in some sections of the game. He participated in the goal play.


  • Haitam (8): The great news of the match, seeing Haitam recovering his level. He came out eager to overflow again and again. And he got the goal award. He rescued a point in the final stretch with a left footed shot from inside the area. If it continues like this, first ‘winter reinforcement’ in advance.
  • Lamb (6): He didn’t hide, he wanted the ball at all times. He participated in several dangerous plays in the final stretch.
  • Juan Hernandez (5): He almost scored as soon as he came off the field in the second half. His header went high.
  • Loren Zúñiga (4): He tries, he fights, but things don’t work out. He was barely able to win any ball in the different aerial duels. On the play for the goal, his failed shot ended up reaching Haitam.


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