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The ‘Nintendo Switch 2’ would arrive this year, but with less ambitious news than you expected

Although previous reports anticipated that the successor to the nintendoswitch would arrive later than expected, during this week the rumors took an unexpected turn. Now, various sources agree that the new console, known among the community as Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch 2, will be available this year. In fact, his announcement may not be too far away.

It all started when a user of 4chanwho claimed to be a programmer involved in Pokémon games, assured that Nintendo will release new models of the Switch this year. At first, we might think that they will be special editions inspired by highly relevant games. For example: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, the rest of the message changed everything.

The aforementioned advanced that Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the most recent installments of the popular franchise, will receive patches to improve their graphic section in the new models of the Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it is intuited that a hardware with higher technical features is coming; the long-awaited Nintendo Switch 2.

Now, the fact that this report has been shared through 4chan, where false information is constantly being published, undermines its credibility… right? Well, in this case it is not. It turns out that the same user, before the Pokémon Presents 2023 event was held, also leaked the name of the DLC (downloadable content) of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. That is to say, The secret of Area Zero. It was for this reason that the leak began to attract more reflectors.

Nintendo Switch 2
Photo by Alvaro Reyes in Unsplash

Look, there is still more. Jeff Grubbone of the most trusted sources in the video game industry, stopped by the podcast of Kinda Funny Games to talk about it. Fortunately, the journalist has relevant information about the Nintendo Switch 2. As he mentions, those from Kyoto do have a plan to present a new console during 2023.

However, the technical leap would not be as substantial as some want. The reason? Apparently, Nintendo will introduce a intergenerational hardware. That is, an update that improves the features of the current console, but without being a next-generation product.

“Not a Switch Pro, not necessarily a Switch 2, but something in between. A kind of Super Switch that continues the generation, perhaps more significant than the Game Boy Color.

This is due, always according to information from Jeff Grubb, to the fact that Nintendo does not intend to give up yet on a generation that generates so much money year after year. It should not be forgotten that there are more than 120 million units of the Nintendo Switch out there. So, instead of starting from scratch with a hardware next-genthey prefer to extend what they already have.

While this console could run the entire catalog of the Nintendo Switch without any problems, would also have exclusive games. This is because, internally, it will integrate slightly renewed components that will allow it to display a better graphic section.

So, you can renew your hopes of seeing a new Nintendo hardware in 2023. Of course, moderate your expectations and do not expect a generational leap. Pay attention to the coming months because, without a doubt, there will be more information about it.

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