Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The new song of Farmani Naaz ‘Ya Ali’ is heart touching, eyes will be filled to hear

Farmani Naaz, who sings Har Har Shambhu, is touching the heights of success day by day. Farmani is constantly working hard to move forward. The good thing is that they are also succeeding in this. Every day some new song or nazm of Farmani is released. A few days ago he released Chadti Jawani Song. Right now the craze of youth was climbing in the heads of the people and was saying that Farmani has released a new nazm.

Farmani’s new nazm
The title of Farmani Naaz’s new poem is Ya Ali. He has sung it very beautifully. In the voice of Farmani Naaz, this Nazm gives peace to your heart. Its lyrics are so great that it hits directly on the heart. Hearing it, it feels like someone has directly conveyed their pain to God. Whether you are fond of Najm or not, but it is claimed that after listening to Ali, your eyes are going to become moist.

The song, which was released on September 17, has got 1,114 views so far. Suppose these views are very less in the trending era. But it is also true that not everything is heard or read by seeing the views. If someone starts listening to this nazm once, then he will not be able to live without listening to it in the loop. People are sacrificing love with an open heart on the new song of Farmani.

Climbing youth also got love
Farmani Naaz is one of those trending celebrities, whom people keep searching on Google every day. A few days ago, there was talk of Farmani’s climbing Jawani Song on social media. The lead actress of this song is Vanshika. In between, a glimpse of the decreed simplicity also appeared. One thing has to be said about Farmani, how popular she may become, but she is not going to give up her simplicity.

Despite the arrival of both fame and wealth, Farmani lives in a very simple way. Well, whatever it is. All these things will continue to happen in future also. But without wasting any time, recite the new song of Farmani and make Sunday a little ‘Fun’day Day.

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