Friday, June 2, 2023

The new smartphone that came to revolutionize the upper mid-range

To this day the smartphones high-end lead the market, however many cannot afford such a large expense and still a cell phone It has become indispensable to our lifestyle. That is why today we present a new option for the spectrum half highwith the best of the latest generation technology at a much lower price accessible.

a new line

VIVO is a company with a global presence that brings its new models to the Mexican market. The V23 line is its current flagship, with devices equipped with the best technology in photography, striking and ultra-thin designs.

“With its good looks and excellent image capture capabilities, V25e offers a user experience like no other, giving users the power to capture their special moments in detail. To meet this goal, en vivo México constantly strives to develop consumer-focused technology to ensure they enjoy the best experience,” said Diego Altuzar, VP & Country Manager of VIVO México.

The best of the upper mid-range

In a world that is led by the quality of Photographs what can you get with your device. That’s why this new smartphone It comes equipped with a 64-megapixel camera, plus light sensitivity that can be magnified up to six times. Even so, the most innovative thing is its front camera, while most of cell phoneshave 16 megapixel front cameras, the V25 line is 32 MP.


Its screen as well as its effects and native applications make the creation of content in networks a experience more enjoyable. Its ultra-thin and light body, just 7.7mm wide and 185g of weights, give it a compact and elegant. Its 4,600 mAh battery with a charging power of 66W with an advanced cooling system, you can charge half the battery in just 19 minutes.

Enjoy this option that is almost half the price of most high-end devices with all the advantages and technology of the high spectrum.


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