Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The new Instagram feature makes ghosting even easier

Instagram is beginning to implement a feature highly anticipated by its users and that will make ghosting easier for many: the possibility of deactivating the “seen” notice that appears when someone enters a conversation and does not respond to the message.

Users who activate this option, therefore, will prevent the sender from knowing if a user has read a message or seen a photo or video they have sent. The recipient who has the “seen” notification disabled will also not be able to see if the sender has seen their message.

Of course, the new feature, which has been shared by Engadget and confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, and Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, only available to a small number of users. At least, for the moment, as it is expected to expand to more people in the coming weeks.

To deactivate the “seen” on Instagram, You just need to access a chat and click on the contact’s name. Then, access the section called ‘Privacy and security’ and, finally, activate or deactivate the possibility of the notice appearing as the message has been read. It is not clear, however, if this option can be deactivated in all chats or it will have to be done individually in each conversation. This option also does not apply to temporary mode; When this is activated, the recipient can see if you have read the message, as it disappears from the chat.

Instagram is not the only app that allows you to deactivate viewing

The possibility of deactivating the seen is something that It is also available on WhatsApp for months now. In this case, users can deactivate the double blue tick and enter the message without the recipient knowing that they have read it or seen the video or photo they have sent, even if it is temporary. This function, however, is not available in groups, where anyone can see who has read their message.

Instagram also adds other options to avoid the despair of those who see that someone is scrolling through their messages, such as the ability to deactivate the green circle that indicates that you are online, as well as the last time you were online. In this case, it is necessary to access Instagram’s privacy and security settings to deactivate it.

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