Friday, December 2, 2022

The mistrust of Dominican consumers around Black Friday

Despite being an American tradition, Black Friday or Black Friday has become one of the most welcomed and acclaimed trends by Dominicans in recent years. And it is that, the brands turn to hundreds of offers and discounts, which undoubtedly makes November one of the months of the year with the greatest commercial activity in the Dominican Republic, so differentiating themselves from the competition could be quite challenging.

For this reason, and with the aim of learning about the consumer conversation around Black Friday, the LLYC Santo Domingo Deep Digital Business team has monitored digital channels where more than 14,000 mentions were detected in relation to this eventuality. , contemplating the period from November 2019, to the same month of 2022. In said analysis, various reflections were found, of which the following stand out: 31% of users consider that brands carry out “misleading” advertising, while, 69% refer to purchase intentions and offers.

Although it is true that these special dates are expected by consumers, it cannot be denied that there is a crisis of confidence in the market, since in the analysis carried out, users consider that some brands are excessive with abrupt changes in prices. prices. Scarlet Ortiz, manager of Deep Digital Business at LLYC Santo Domingo, reflects on the importance of healing the brand-consumer relationship, through five keys that will allow for comprehensive and honest communication:

1. Think of a strategy that highlights the sense of urgency: It is important to remember that these are special dates, therefore, it is important to create a communication strategy in a creative and attractive tone that can seduce the consumer by creating that sense of urgency and need, based on the product/service offered.

2. Do you want to restore trust with the consumer? It’s simple, you must work towards a more transparent communication in terms of discounts, supply restrictions, the real price and its discount, in this way you avoid making the consumer feel cheated and the management of expectations is controlled. These actions shield the reputation of brands.

3. Activate consumer listening: It is recommended not to bid without analyzing the profile and habits of consumers, their purchases and which were those most demanded products/services last season.

4. Define the offers based on the potential of the audience: It should be remembered that during Black Friday the doors are open to non-recurring communities of interest, so they will have the opportunity to get to know our brand and/or buy our products. Therefore, messages must be designed that maintain the values ​​of the brand while communicating assertively.

5. Be consistent: The analysis carried out showed that Black Friday is talked about from November to January, so it is important that as a brand, work on a sustainable content strategy and sales plan throughout the holiday season.

In short, taking advantage of special dates to boost business sales will always be favorable for brands. However, before starting any sales and/or communication strategy, the relevant factors that make the business the place where consumers want to go shopping should be analyzed, therefore, listening and understanding their habits, behaviors and preferences, as well as speaking from transparency, will be the key to consolidating brand reputation.

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