Monday, December 11, 2023

The Ministry of Women will lead the commission to transfer the remains of Abigail Mejía to the Panteón de la Patria

As “an act of justice and confirmation of the full commitment of the current administration of President Luis Abinader, to make visible the fundamental role of women in the conquest of the right to female vote in the Dominican Republic”, described Minister Mayra Jiménez, the broadcast of the Decree 164-23by which the transfer of the mortal remains of Ana Emilia Abigail Mejia Solier to the Homeland Pantheon.

In the decree, the creation of an official commission is established, in order to organize the exhumation of Abigail Mejía Solier, in the same way, in the disposition of the Executive Power, the Ministry of Women was assigned the presidency of the aforementioned delegation, which includes officials from 10 institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Interior and Police, Ministry of Defense, the Central Electoral Board, the General Archive of the Nation, the Dominican Academy of History, the Permanent Commission of Efemérides Patrias, the Dominican Academy of History, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo and the Dominican Association of Universities.

This provision responds to a request from the Ministry for Women, to honor the role of Abigail Mejía, who was a prominent intellectual, writer, thinker, scholar, humanist, feminist, polyglot, essayist, literary critic, museographer, normal teacher, biographer, philologist, nationalist, civil activist, pioneer of the avant-garde suffrage movement and organizer of the rehearsal vote in 1934 where 96,424 women voted, marking a milestone in Dominican history.

“This decree is a recognition of Abigail’s ideals for building a democratic country and with the full participation of women, recognizing in a particular way the result of the Dominican feminist struggle that opened the door to the participation of women in decision-making. decision in the country,” added the official.

On the other hand, the minister stressed that it is another promise fulfilled by President Luis Abinader, as part of his reiterated commitment to protect women and continue working for a country in which Dominican women can contribute all their abilities, dreams and illusions. , and they are recognized.

He also highlighted that both Abigail Mejía and the other members of the suffragette Movement, They are great referents of the principles of equity, equality and justice and a referent for women today, who constitute 51.1% of the electoral roll.


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