Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Ministry of Women presents an intervention in favor of maintaining the candidacies by electoral demarcation

He Ministry of women submitted a voluntary intervention brief to the Constitutional Court, which supports the direct action of unconstitutionality against article 142 on Gender Equity, of the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime 20-23considering that the article limits the political participation of women in the elective positions of deputies, regidurías and vocalías.

The article of the Law 20-23 establishes that the nominations and proposals for candidacies for deputies, councilors and members must be governed by the principle of gender equity, and that they must be integrated in accordance with the provisions of the law on political parties, groups and movements for no less than 40%, nor more than 60% of men and women of the national proposal.

Defending and promoting the participation of women in politics has been one of the pillars of the Ministry for Women, not only because it is a right, but also because the involvement of women in this sector leads to greater prospects for development and democracy. effective, promotes inclusive policies and models that promote higher levels of participation of female talent in the new generationspromotes equitable representation in spaces of political decision, as well as other benefits to accelerate sustainable development and construction of a more just society, explains the press release.

«The gender quota as a legal mechanism to increase the participation of women in political-electoral processes, improves the quality of democracy and has promoted a progressive increase in the participation of women in different instances of popular election. However, it is necessary to strengthen an implementation by demarcation, which allows the full and active participation of all women at the national level”, pointed out the Minister of Women, Mayra Jiménez.

He also indicated that the ministry defends that the gender quota, as a legal mechanism, must guarantee its effectiveness, through application by territorial demarcation and not at the national level. Therefore, support the direct action of unconstitutionality number TC-01-2023-0013, against article 142 of the aforementioned Law, deposited by a representation of women from the different political parties.

This voluntary intervention document is part of the governing role of the Ministry for Women to achieve equal rights and opportunities between men and women, as well as public policy instruments such as the National Plan for Gender Equality and Equity (Planeg III), which is the national policy of the Dominican State to achieve gender equality and equity in the country, this State instrument recognizes, prioritizes and outlines the political-regulatory guidelines to advance in terms of political participation of the women.

Similarly, the National Development Strategy, in its article 21, which establishes for the goal of participatory democracy and responsible citizenship, a line of action that orders: “Establish mechanisms that allow greater opening of the electoral system for the inclusion and representation of new political and social actors, ensuring the equality of regarding access to decision-making positions and party structures”.

Ensuring the participation of women in equality and equity in political decision-making spaces is an essential requirement for a real and effective democracy within the rule of law.


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