Sunday, May 28, 2023

“The match is repeated, but the result is not repeated”, Coach Ernesto Alfaro

This week two semifinal games in the American Football League, will thrill the fans who are waiting for finalists among four candidates who promise a great show on the gridiron. It will be this Friday when the Dinos de Saltillo receive the Kings of Jalisco, while on Saturday the Caudillos de Chihuahua will mediate against the Fundidores de Monterrey.

Before these clashes take place, there were two protagonists of these semifinals who spoke exclusively for Publimetro and commented more closely on the respective games that they will have to face.

Christian Hernandez LFA

In the first instance it was Christian Hernández, Linebacker of the Fundidores, who commented on the moment that is lived hours away from playing his game against the Caudillos.

The player mentioned that “more than nerves, I feel excited and enthusiastic about starting the game”, he commented. He also expects the support of the people, which, in his point of view, increased this tournament.

Regarding what happened in the regular season, where the Coahuilenses won without problems, the #5 of the Founders, highlighted that the game will be different and that much will have to do with the rhythm that his team maintains thanks to having played the series of wildcard.

In the same way, he stressed that the key for them to be so close to playing another final is undoubtedly the union that the squad maintains and the good group that they have formed as a result of the championship that they now defend.

Finally, he invited the fans to follow the semifinals and enjoy the great show that the four semifinalist teams will put on.

Likewise, the Coach of the Kings of Jalisco, Ernesto Alfaro, spoke about his impressions of the game that he will hold against the Dinos de Saltillo, a team that finished in second place in the general classification.

“The game we played in the regular season was a very close one that was defined by our mistakes. On this occasion, what we will do is work on them and ensure that the team performs very well. The match is repeated, but the result is not repeated, ”he mentioned.

He also took the time to talk about the keys to getting his team so close to the championship. He commented that the results are built with the results that are obtained.

“One play does not make you win a game and one game does not make you win a championship, everything is built with the objectives that are achieved in the season,” said the two-time LFA champion.

To finish, he mentioned that winning the championship this season would represent an important achievement in his career, since having three of the six titles played in the LFA would be incredible, but that beyond that victory would focus on a group achievement.

“The feeling of winning after hard work makes it all worth it, personally it would be very satisfying, but I would be more pleased for the rest of the team and because they can feel that feeling”, concluded the Coach of the Kings.


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