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The massive rúa of champions of the masculine and feminine Barça does not forget Messi

the street of men’s Barcelona League champions and women’s was held this Monday through the streets of the Catalan capital for three hours, with thousands of fans eager to enjoy their idols up close and They didn’t take long to chant the name of ex-Barcelona Leo Messi.

All the footballers of the male and female first team, who occupied an open-top bus eachthey wore a commemorative shirt with the names of the entire squad, as well as scarves and hats from the barca.

He notably absent from this party was Gerard Piqué, that he played the first part of the season until he retired, and that in the end he was not in the rúa despite the fact that the coach, Xavi Hernández, said that he was invited.

The culé fans, who already wanted to celebrate the league title with their two professional teamsshowed his support from the bus exit, and accompanied him along Travessera de les Corts.

“I’m a fan of Alexia Putellas, I’ve been waiting for the players’ bus for an hour”, declared a young fan, who was waiting for the bus to pass, in statements to Barça TV.

The Barcelona expedition took the first turn in Numancia street, constantly interacting with all the fans who encouraged and celebrated with them, some from the balconies of the buildings where the street passed.

In fact, the center Ronald Araujowho carried a Uruguayan flag, starred in a beautiful image by taking a fan’s shirt and a marker to sign it, along with Raphinha, and returning it to the same fan who had thrown it at her.

The second turn of the bus He turned towards Berlin/Paris street, and with a large presence of young people, who after four years were celebrating the title with great enthusiasm, some for the first time.

“Each time is different, this one is special, you can see that people are very excited, we love sharing this with them”, stated the German goalkeeper Ter Stegen, who had already celebrated three league titles, from the same coach.

A little before the turn towards Balmes street, a fan caught the attention of the players, and it is that from a balcony displayed a life-size image of Frenkie de Jong printed on cardboard.

Once the bus was in Balmes, quite late as expected due to the large number of Barça fans who did not want to miss the league celebration, both the squads and fans vibrated to the song of “Champions, champions!”

Alexia Putellas, captain of Barça, stated that she was “very happy”, although with “a part of the mind” in Eindhoven, where they will play the Champions League final against Wolfsburg (June 3). Perhaps, for this reason, the women’s celebration -with the second Champions League title in the spotlight- was more restrained than that of the boys.

A euphoric Ronald Araújo also spoke: “People always support us, the encouragement they give us is very important. I’ve never experienced anything like this and it’s tremendous happiness, let’s go Barça, let’s go damn it!”

And a little before going through Plaza Cataluña, lIn the area with the most influx of spectators, the Barça Women’s coach, Jonatan Giráldez, stressed that they are “very privileged people” for living experiences like these, because football “belongs to the fans and this is for them”.

Arriving at Plaza Cataluña, the Polish forward Robert Lewandowski starred in an image that the fans liked a lot, and that is that he began to dance effusively.

Already between Pelai, Fontanella and Trafalgar streets, the last ones before reaching Arc de Triomphe, The two Barcelona squads sang, along with the Barça fans, some of the most iconic songs of the Catalan team.

And no one wanted to forget the Argentine star Leo Messi, currently at Paris Saint-Germain. All fans dream of his return, and throughout the route his name was repeatedly chanted.

Finally, with more punctuality than expected in the middle of the street, lhe coaches of the first male and female Barcelona squads arrived at the end of the route, at Arco de Triunfo, at 9:00 p.m.. There, the party ended, which this time did not have the parliaments at the Camp Nou as an epilogue.


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