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The massive leak of ‘GTA 6’ was possible thanks to a Fire TV Stick

A couple of years ago, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that it was working on the sixth installment of its star saga, Grand Theft Auto. Well, in 2022, a hacker He was ahead of the first official demos of the video game, publishing 90 videos GTA 6 in a recent leak. Today we know that, to achieve this, all you needed was a Fire TV Stick and your computer skills.

Arion Kurtaj, an 18-year-old teenager, was determined at the time as the author of the events. Through his user Teapotuberhacker, he made the GTA 6 leak public.

To get it, Arion infiltrated Rockstar Games Slack through a worker’s account. Subsequently, he announced himself as an attacker on the channels. Although he was on bail for a previous NVIDIA hack in the same year, the young man carried out the attack thanks to a newly purchased mobile phone, keyboard and Fire TV Stick, and using a hotel room on the outskirts of Oxford (England). , as a base of operations.

With all the ingredients ready, the young man successfully completed what some call “one of the biggest leaks in video game history“. Until the end of 2022, we knew that Arion Kurtaj was being held in a reform school after repeatedly committing various computer crimes.

Grand Theft Auto 6 becomes the center of the biggest leak in the history of video games

For his part, Rockstar Games confirmed the facts at the time through a release in their social networks, assuring that the intruder accessed their network without authorization, “downloading confidential information from our systems.” Included in this is “early material from the development of the Grand Theft Auto next generation”.

Likewise, Jason Schreier, famous video game analyst and reporter for Bloombergassured that Kurtaj’s leaks matched information that was already known about Grand Theft Auto 6.

The leak in question

in the pictures of GTA 6 Filtered by Teapotuberhacker, two main characters are shown in the video game. One of them is a female character under the name of Lucia, who is seen robbing a restaurant in one of the posted videos. For his part, another of the characters appears in the Vice City subwayanother confirmation that this new installment will be based on the famous city inspired by Miami, Florida.

Although the leaked material from Grand Theft Auto 6 It has been scouring the entire internet from the moment of the events. Rockstar Games did their best to remove it from the main services. For example, some of the videos posted on Twitter and YouTube are not accessible as of the dates after the leak, although they are still available elsewhere on the web.

The age of the leaked content about the next Rockstar game has not been estimated. What we do know is that the author of the facts has claimed to have more information related to the development of GTA 6. Specifically, source code and resources (3D models, audio files, images). Although still offline, Kurtaj doesn’t rule out posting them at some point in the future.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is a couple of years away from release, according to Jason Schreier’s calculations. Early reports claim that the title has been in development since 2014, though it wasn’t confirmed until much later by Rockstar Games. Meanwhile, the fifth installment in the franchise continues to generate huge revenue for the company, despite being released a decade ago.

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