Friday, June 2, 2023

The Martians from ‘Space Invaders’ take to the streets: Taito allies with Google for a new augmented reality game

space invaders It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular video games in history. An arcade title, released on the market in 1978, in which a spaceship had to avoid a most iconic alien invasion. Since then, the Japanese company Taito has created an entire empire based on this title that, by 2007, had already earned more than 500 million dollars globally. Several years later, Taito intends to recover one of its most emblematic games with the aim of conquering the world again in a slightly different way than it did back in the 70s and 80s.

After the success of games like Pokémon GO, Taito and Google have agreed to create a new Space Invaders in augmented reality. A title that, therefore, abandons those highly characteristic arcade machines to make the leap to mobile phones. The objective of this new adventure is identical to the one that was proposed to us in the 70s: to prevent aliens from conquering the universe. However, the mechanics of the video game vary a lot because we are not mounted on a spaceship nor do we have trenches in which to hide from the Martians.

Augmented reality to save the world

Space Invaders: World Defense relies on the aforementioned augmented reality to attract all these Martians to our world. In this way, we will be able to transform our city into a virtual playground in which we will be able to live a thousand and one adventures. In the first preview of this game, which will arrive throughout this summer, we can see how the different aliens arrive from numerous interdimensional portals with the aim of conquering the Earth. Despite the fact that the actual game is far from what is shown in the trailer, the concept is the same.

The player will have to move around the map, which this time is our city, to free it from the different enemies that try to destroy the Earth. As soon as we come into contact with any of these beasts, we will enter a virtual that will allow us to get on our ship. This is reflected on the official page of the video game, where we can see how we will control the ship to defeat all the enemies that try to destroy the city.

Space Invaders: World Defense it will arrive in summer

Therefore, this time we will not have to destroy a whole swarm of aliens trying to conquer Earth, but we will have to kill them one by one in first person: “As one of the best pilots on Earth, You must use your spaceship’s advanced technology and expert skills to travel between dimensions and defend the planet”

On the official Taito website, the company has announced that the game will be ready for next summer. In this way, it intends to repeat the success of other titles such as Pokémon GO that also came out in the summer with the aim of captivating many more people.


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