Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Malaga Provincial Tournament arrives in Torremolinos

The Malaga futsal party this is celebrated Thursday October 6, starting at 9:30 p.m. in the Sports Palace San Miguel de Torremolinos with a representation made up of the host team, CD Tapia FS Grupo Kinito and BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera. A triangular format has been chosen, that is, three matches will be held between these teams and the winner will win the Diputación de Málaga Trophy. The provincial entity reaffirms its commitment to sport with this event that brings together the representative in the national elite and two who compete, every week, in the 3rd Division.

The sports deputy, Cristóbal Ortega, and the director of the sports area, Borja Vivas, have presented this competition in the company of representatives of the three clubs. Pedro Montiel, honorary president, and Javier Díaz, technical director, from BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera; the president of FS Torremolinos, José Arribas, and also that of CF Tapia FS Grupo Kinito, Ángel Guerrero. These last two squads will be measured in the first match starting at 9:30 p.m. Next, the formation of José Antonio Borrego “Tete” will face Tapi, an unprecedented duel until now, and finally they will meet Torremolinos in the 40×20.

Nothing better, for the interests of the university campus, than being able to participate in this trophy in the middle of the week in which the highest category stops due to international team commitments. “The fact of having a new break cuts our rhythm. Looks like we haven’t started the season yet. In three days, two stoppages for national teams, it is not easy to digest and we make up for it with this tournament. They are not rivals in our category, but it allows us not to lose contact with the competition and a very attractive event for Malaga futsal with two teams that have been doing a spectacular job. Torremolinos was lucky to be promoted to 2nd B and Tapia played a promotion play-off. Two important teams in the province, an honor to measure ourselves against them and, thus, we do not lose competitive sensations”, specifies the coach.

Tete, by way of preview, analyzes the two rivals in the tournament. “Tapia has been working for the good of futsal for many years, it is a classic from the province of Malaga and it has that summer tournament that brings together so many young people from all over Spain and even from abroad. We have never faced this team and, therefore, it is motivating. You have to enjoy the duel just like when we face Torremolinos, which we already know. The important thing is that good matches are seen, nobody gets injured and we all enjoy futsal”. The coach of the green cast, in addition, highlights the extraordinary help and encouragement offered by the provincial entity. “We must thank the Diputación de Málaga for the work it does with all sport in general. This institutional support is very important and, in our case, it allows us to compete in the highest category”.

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