Friday, September 22, 2023

The Malaga City Council and Ibima organize the first solidarity race against obesity

The Malaga City Council and the Malaga Biomedical Research Institute and Nanomedicine Platform (Ibima Bionand Platform) organize at the City of Malaga Athletics Stadium, the first solidarity race against obesitypromoted by members of the Andalusian Network of Clinical Trials in Metabolism (METANetwork).

The event, which will take place throughout Sunday morning, September 24, will have a variety of sports modalities and different activities, including educational workshops taught by the professionals themselves, depending on the age of the participants. The race for people over 15 years old will be held on a four kilometer route with departure and arrival at the stadium, and will be complemented with intermediate and children’s races, a family walk, strength activities, yoga workshops and talks.

In order to improve the health and quality of life of the Malaga population, the event aims not only to practice sports, but transmit healthy habits to citizens such as correct nutrition, which helps prevent obesity, as well as increasingly avoiding the multiple pathologies associated with it.

Furthermore, it is a charity event with which raise funds to promote biomedical research in this area within the Biomedical Research Institute itself.

The presentation ceremony, at the Malaga City Council, was attended by the councilor delegate of the Sports Area, Borja Vivas, together with the territorial delegate of Educational Development and Vocational Training and University, Research and Innovation in Malaga, Miguel Briones; and the scientific director of IBIMA Bionand Platform and coordinator of the METANetwork network, Francisco J. Tinahones.

For his part, Borja Vivas has stated that “this project is aligned with the health-related work areas that we have been promoting for years. Likewise, it provides continuity to the initiatives that the Sports Area develops to improve the quality of life of the Malaga population“.

Miguel Briones has highlighted the contribution from the Delegation for the prevention of obesity. “The main objective is to ensure that the diet is as adequate as possible, and that we see balanced nutrition, the Mediterranean diet and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes as a clear commitment to a better society. We have an opportunity to participate in this career and raise awareness of the negative repercussions of this obesity.

On the other hand, Tinahones has highlighted the importance of celebrating this type of sporting events that directly involve citizens. “We are talking about a day that, without a doubt, is very important for promote awareness in the adult and child population about the relevance of implementing healthy habits in daily life, such as practicing sports, together with a correct diet.

In this sense, the scientific director of Ibima Plataforma Bionand has recalled that “obesity is one of the great public health problems and raise awarenessfrom the educational stage, is essential for the prevention of multiple pathologies or diseases associated with overweight“.

Registrations must be made before Wednesday, September 20 through the DorsalChip website.

Activities and prices of the race against obesity. IT

This sporting event is part of the line of collaboration between the Andalusian Public Foundation for Malaga Research in Biomedicine and Health (Fimabis), the managing entity of both Ibima and the METANetwork network, and the Malaga City Council.

It has also been joined by multiple entities aware of the importance of ingraining healthy habits in the population from an early age. Among them, there has been the collaboration of the Andalusian Institute of Yoga, the Málaga Costa del Sol Women’s Handball Club, Copyrap, CocaCola, SummaNetworks, Novo Nordisk, Carmen Thyssen Málaga Museum, the Center Pompidou Málaga, the Picasso Birthplace Museum, the Collection of the Russian Museum of Malaga, the ‘La Caixa’ Foundation, the Professional College of Physiotherapists of Andalusia, HM Hospitales, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dcoop, Pfizer and Mapfre.


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