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The Málaga CF supporters clubs can’t take it anymore: “They are leading us to absolute disaster”

Málaga CF fans have reached their limit. The club has a problem because patience has run out in the most important good of any entity: its people, its fans. The public needs answers to understand what is happening with this team that talked in the summer about fighting for promotion and now sighs only to save itself from relegation. The opinion of Malaga has brought together representatives of some of the most representative clubs of the La Rosaleda stands. They give us their impression of what is happening members of the Benamiel supporters clubs, Comepipas Front, Malaguista University, Malaka Hinchas Y Bokeron Front.

Salva Matas, from the Comepipas gang. Beatriz Stump


It is the big question. Who are responsible for the current situation? «Málaga CF is becoming a farmhouse. Very bad decisions are being made in all areas. For example, in marketing. The team is playing it. You don’t need a higher grade to make a promotion so that there are more people in the matches. Communication, there they are writing things and deleting them. It’s terrible. They are people who do not do things well. Manolo Gaspar allows himself the luxury of saying that the pressure is on the pitch and that this is a year of personal growth. Man please! Now they are doing the same or worse than with Al-Thani. How have we improved? In addition, with the approval of a broad sector of the media. Now it seems that nothing is happening, “transfers José Antonio Beltrán, vice president of the University club.

However, no one forgets the origin of all this ordeal: «The blame would be placed first on Sheikh Al-Thani. She raised us to the top and wants to destroy us. Now the judge has appointed the administrator. No one can throw anyone out, Manolo is safe in his position … », says Esteban Ortega, vice president of the Malaka Hinchas supporters club.

Footballers are not free from anger either. «The players have not given the height. We have been working on this project for three and a half years and we have not passed 15th place. They have something to blame. The first year without money was the best. With money it has been signed worse. The board of directors is abandoning the fans, leaving the clubs aside because people express their opinion. The fans do not score or miss goals. Everyone is bad except them,” says Javi Martínez, president of the Bokerón Front.

Miguel Infantes, from the Benamiel rock. IT

Mel’s future

To this day, there is a certain union regarding the future of Pepe Mel, whom the majority does not point to as guilty. «Throwing Mel out is not being right in the head. What they have to do is go down to the locker room and make things clear. A squad that is worth 8 and a half million cannot be in decline, “sums up Salva Mata.

However, there are those who would understand the dismissal of the man from Madrid. «With the numbers in hand, I would understand that Pepe Mel was dismissed. I feel sorry because I think he has done everything he could. The problem is that a new coach has to adapt to what is there. That’s a month and the only thing we don’t have is time. I don’t think this can be fixed with a change of coach, but we’re already late, “confirms José Antonio Beltrán.

José Antonio Beltrán, from the Peña Universitaria. Alex Zea


Given all this, what can be done. Who has the key to the blue and white future? The answer is unanimous: the template. «The players have to change the chip. They are the ones who win and lose games. Until then, we have nothing to do, “maintains Esteban Ortega. Miguel Infantes, president of the Benamiel supporters club, agrees, although with an important nuance: «In the short term, the players are the ones who have to get this out. Although, for the love of the colors and the shield, Manolo Gaspar must suddenly leave his position.

Representatives of the Bokerón Front, next to La Rosaleda. Alex Zea


The peñistas see the future with great concern and the accounts are beginning to not work out for them. «They think something supernatural is going to come along at the last minute and it will take care of itself. Well no», says Salva Mata. Javi Martínez thinks the same: «My head tells me that we are not saved. We have to win the same games as in 5 months. Who do we beat?” Miguel Infantes is “realistic”: “I refer to the results. They lead us to absolute disaster.

On the other side is Esteban Ortega: «I am optimistic. What is happening we cannot avoid. We have to think from this point forward and go game by game.” «I refuse to think that this could end like the year 1992 because it would be very hard», sentence Beltrán.

Seen what has been seen, does this have a fix?


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