Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Madrid Court orders to reopen the case of Jimmy, who died in a brawl between ultras

The Provincial Court of Madrid has ordered to reopen the case for the death in 2014 of the ultra Deportivo de La Coruña Francisco Javier Romero Taboada, alias Jimmyconsidering that there are sufficient indications that the perpetrators of the events may be the people under investigation.

The fourth section of the Court, in an order that El Confidencial has advanced and to which EFE has had access, thus revokes the decision of the investigating court number 20 of Madrid, which ended the investigation at not finding evidence against any of the alleged suspects.

On December 16, LaLiga, which exercises the popular prosecution, requested the reopening of the separate procedure for the murder of Jimmy with the indictment of five defendants, two for the crime of injuries and three for the crime of homicide.

This piece investigates the death of Jimmy, whose body was rescued from the Manzanares River, which was thrown during the brawl between ultras of the Atlético Front, of the Atlético de Madridand of the Riazor Blues, of Deportivo de La Coruña, and the injuries suffered by the other Galician fan, Santiago AMwhich was also thrown into the river.

Now, the Madrid Court has ordered the reopening of the procedure considering that “there are obvious criminal signs and also enough evidence to identify those investigated as perpetrators identified by the accusing parties.”

The Provincial Court had previously ordered the court to reopen the case, the last time after the judge archived it in 2018, by urging the court to take a statement from a woman who a year earlier said that her ex-partner, DP, had recognized to be the one who threw the Dépor fan into the river.

However, the magistrate decided not to grant veracity to the witness’s testimony and filed the investigation again, alleging that there was not enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

“The words the witness claimed to hear were: ‘I threw Jimmy into the river, I threw him… look, that’s me… yes, I threw him, I killed him.’. “It is a testimony not of reference, but direct, referring to the immediate sensory perception of a spontaneous self-incriminating statement,” explains the fourth section in his order to contradict the court, which argued that such expressions could not serve to attribute the crime. none of those investigated.

However, it does not order new proceedings to be carried out because it believes that there is already sufficient evidence to prosecute those allegedly involved, and states that these “are conditioned to the procedural channeling that is followed“.

Just remember that an expert report proposed by LaLiga is pending completion.

In the piece referring to the brawl prior to Jimmy’s death between ultras from both teams, a Madrid court sentenced 75 accused of participating in it to fines of between 300 and 1,350 euros.


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