Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The madness for baseball in Puerto Rico ends up breaking a Guinness record

A total of 192 men dyed their hair blonde in eight hours this Friday in Puerto Rico in support of the island’s baseball team, in a massive event with which a Guinness record was achieved. Certified stylists from the NUC University School of Beauty were in charge of coloring an average of 20 men per hour blonde, thus surpassing the record of 160 established in Argentina.

The event was organized by the Universal Group insurance company, in collaboration with NUC University, with the aim of reaching that record and honor their national team before his first game tomorrow at the World Baseball Classic in Miami. “Today we made history, good history, supporting our athletes is one of the things that unites us as a people,” Josely Vega Maldonado, president and CEO of Universal Group, said in a statement. Vega Maldonado thanked all the baseball fans who came to the call and the NUC University team and all the volunteers who “made this possible.”

For her part, Jennifer Caraballo, vice president of marketing at NUC University, expressed her happiness for the participation of her students, teachers and professional stylists. “Being part of this new brand representing our island fills us with pride and we wish our ‘Team Rubio’ players every success,” she stated.

The event was attended by the stylist Jean Carlos ‘Jeankee’ Cruz Ortiz, who the ‘Team Rubio’ movement began in 2017 by dyeing the players’ hair that color during the last edition of the World Classic.

“Welcome to our Guinness World Records family,” said Natalia Ramírez, official adjudicator, who highlighted “the passion and commitment” of the event participants.

The Puerto Rican team will play tomorrow against Nicaragua in the first match of group D, also made up of the teams of Venezuela, Israel and the Dominican Republic.


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