Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Latin American transactional market mobilizes 35% of capital until April, according to TTR

The transaction market in Latin America has recorded a total of 860 operations in April 2023, of which 338 register an aggregate amount of US$23,846 million (€21,959 million), which implies a 32% decrease in the number of transactions and a 35% decrease in their value, compared to the same period in 2022.

For his part, according to report In the TTR DATA monthly report, prepared in collaboration with Datasite, there have been a total of 166 mergers and acquisitions, between announced and closed, for an aggregate amount of US$14,099 million (€12,983 million).

Based on the number of transactions, Brazil leads the ranking of the most active countries in the region with 544 (39% less than in the previous year) and with a 55% decrease in mobilized capital, remaining at 9,966 million dollars (€9,177 million).

follow you on the list Chiliwith 114 transactions (with an increase of 14%) and 7% more capital mobilized, reaching US$5,449 million (€5,063 million), compared to April 2022.

For his part, Mexico takes third place in the ranking, with 99 transactions. This number represents 29% less in year-on-year terms, although the amount mobilized has increased by 33%, up to US$7,718 million (€7,107 million).

Below is Colombiain fourth place, which registers 62 transactions in the first four months of 2023 (46% decrease) and a mobilized capital that has reached US$522 million (€508.3 million), this figure being 85% lower than that of the same quarter of 2022.

Argentina, For its part, it registered 23% fewer transactions through April (54) and mobilized 56% less capital, reducing the figure to US$540 million (€497 million). In last place, Peru presents 41 transactions (21% decrease), although it has managed to more than double the total amount, up to US$3,489 million (€497.2 million).

In the field cross-border, highlights the investment appetite of Latin American companies abroad, especially in Europe and North America, where 27 and 18 transactions have been carried out, respectively. For their part, the companies that have carried out the most tstrategic transactions in Latin America they come from North America and Europe, with 125 and 82, respectively.

The number of transactions of ‘Private Equity’ it decreased by 32% until April, remaining at 48 operations and in an amount of US$222 million (€204.4 million), 96% less in value compared to the same period of the previous year.

For its part, the segment of ‘Venture Capital’ Up to the fourth month of the year, it has recorded a total of 228 transactions with an aggregate amount of US$1,093 million (€1,006 million), which implies a 47% decrease in the number of transactions and a 73% reduction in capital terms. .

In the ‘Asset Acquisitions’ segment, 104 transactions have been registered, for a value of US$2,140 million (€1,970.5 million), which represents a 20% drop in the number of transactions and a 68% drop in their amount. .


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