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The latest from WhatsApp will allow you to get rid of groups that do not interest you

If you have had your WhatsApp account for several years, you will probably find a graveyard of groups among your archived chats. From vacations, classes and even work, these types of group conversations tend to accumulate in our tray without remedy. Well then, The latest from WhatsApp will allow you to set an expiration date for themas reported from WABetaInfo.

Expiring Groups -groups with expiration, in Spanish-, is the most recent news reported by the aforementioned media. With her, you can set an expiration date from the group settings menu. Options include expiration within a day, a week, or a custom date. Also, WhatsApp allows you to reverse the selection in case you want to keep the conversation intact.

Of course, the expiration date will only be for you. The rest of the participants who have not touched this option will remain within the group, so it will continue to exist even when you have reached the deadline.

This is what the expiration settings for WhatsApp groups look like
This is what the expiration settings for WhatsApp groups look like

As quoted in WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will not automatically delete groups that have an expiration date. It will simply display a notice asking you to clean up these types of conversations when you reach the selected day. So, if you need a little more time, you can choose another date or undo the settings.

However, although it does not clean WhatsApp groups by itself, this function will allow us to reduce the clutter in our message tray. This, in turn, translates into saving space on our device, since all the messages, audio, video and images that we send and receive generate a tax on the storage of the terminal.

When can you use this option in WhatsApp


Although the first report is already here, the feature of setting expiration dates for groups is still in development. WABetaInfo reports that we could see it in a future WhatsApp update, so all that remains is to be attentive and keep the application up to date.

for now, the function is only available in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS, specifically in version In addition to the previously mentioned feature, we will also find performance improvements and various bug fixes in the app.

WhatsApp continues to test various features that promise to improve the operation of your application. For example, Meta revealed a few days ago that it was working on a way to integrate its own version of ChatGPT to the instant messaging service, and they have guaranteed that the application will be more transparent with its users in Europe. On the other hand, if you receive a lot of audio, the app is working on a system to transcribe it into text and make it easier to manage.

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