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‘The Last of Us Part 3’ would inherit elements from the series

The last episode of The Last of Us It has already premiered on HBO and HBO Max. From here, the wait for a second season begins. However, before we anticipate events, Neil Druckmann himself, creator of the games at Naughty Dog, has issued some statements that link what is seen in the series with the future of games -if any-, and that have been collected by the media vandal.

For Neil Druckmann, the series has been a unique process. Not only has it helped him tell a story we already knew and loved in a different medium, but it’s also It has served to nurture and expand it to levels that the original video game had not allowed. This is why, according to the creator, “if we ever revisit them in game form, which remains to be seen, there are definitely elements that I’m going to take from the series that would be applied in games.”

Thus, in case we find ourselves in the future with a The Last of Us Part 3will probably drink as much from the previous titles, as well as the elements that we have already been able to see in the HBO series, and that they are unique to this medium.

Neil Druckmann wants to improve and explore in the world of The Last of Usregardless of format

‘The Last of Us’ for HBO and HBO Max

For Neil Druckman, tell the story of The Last of Us with new elements is a way to search, improve, change and explore the same theme, with the ultimate goal of taking the final product to a new level. In this way, the writer seeks to differentiate himself from “those who tell a very different story each time”, something that might please a certain audience, but that can disconnect the rest by fragmenting the same narrative so much.

The latter is, without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements achieved by Druckmann and Craig Mazin in producing The Last of Us for HBO. It has become the most successful adaptation of a video gameboth in viewing metrics and in professional and user reviews.

Druckmann is also very grateful to the people who helped revive the history of The Last of Us. For him it has been a “joy” to work with Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Craig Mazin, co-creator of the series. The actors, together with the production team, have helped shape the world we already knew, with a personal and different touch that we hope to see return sooner rather than later.

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