Friday, March 24, 2023

The juniors

The objective of maintaining the category has not yet been achieved. CAB Estepona is very close to playing in Challenge next season. We only need to win one more game and already dream of playing in the playoff for promotion, with real options to play it, since we will possibly depend on ourselves. I don’t know if this can be considered a success or not.

That will have to be looked at by other people. Yes, we must take into account the number of casualties that have occurred in the squad and the changes in coach. The team will end up with only 7 professional players on the roster. But I already tell you that I don’t know if this will add or subtract merit when mathematically the long-awaited permanence is achieved. What I can say with complete certainty is that this will be achieved thanks to the unconditional support and help of our junior team. Thanks to them we train daily.

They double training sessions and organize their studies in order to participate in first team training sessions, not because it’s good for them to train with the seniors, which is also good, but because the first team needs them every day to prepare for matches. However, they not only give us enthusiasm, energy and competitiveness. Also great quality. That is why there are already two players who participate normally, and are essential, in each Challenge match. And there is a third that is gaining more minutes in the rotation every day. And it is that the CAB Estepona junior team is not just any team, it is a team made up of extremely talented and quality players.

That is why right now they are classified to play the semifinals of the provincial championship in their category, being favorites to play the final, something that would allow them to participate in the Andalusian championship. This championship will be held in Estepona, so, playing at home, our juniors will also be among the favorite teams to opt for one of the three places that this championship gives to play in the Spanish championship, the team’s maximum objective. But it is also that our girls are competing in the senior competition in the First National category, being classified today in first place, with many options to play in the quarterfinal playoff. Winning that play off they will play the first of the promotion phases to LF2, the higher category they are competing in now.

It must also be said that we have two junior players who are regulars in the calls for the Spanish team and some others who are playing very well in the Challenge and it gives me that they are going to call her up too, because she is a brutal player. Now, a team like this is great when it’s just that, a team. The players with the most talent and conditions have the same enthusiasm and ambition as the others. All together they make a great group with an incredible competitive capacity and enormous involvement and humility. I insist, without them the first team could not work. But it is that, in addition, they contribute to the senior team of their club so many positive things that the percentage of responsibility that they have in what the majors achieve this season is very high. To begin with, they will be essential in maintaining the category when it is achieved. The article cannot end without mentioning the leader of our junior team, their coach.

He has been guiding this team for many years and he does it masterfully, without raising his voice, knowing how to get the most out of the group. He is also very responsible for what Challenge has achieved because he is part of the team and because of the enormous understanding and willingness that he has shown these two months that we have shared work knowing the needs of the first team and putting those needs before those of his own. equipment. He always says ‘we are for that’. And he is right. He says it convinced that, in addition, he is good for his players. He wouldn’t know how to give back to our junior team for all that they are helping us. Without a doubt, they have all our respect, admiration and gratitude. And they will also have our full support now that the most beautiful part of the season for them begins, playing the finals in the provincial championship, hopefully the Andalusian championship, the promotion phase to LF2 and, why not, the Spanish championship. From the stands we will try not to feel alone and be stronger. Cheer up girls!! And thank you very much for everything.


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