Thursday, November 30, 2023

The judge of the ‘Rubiales case’ suspends the confrontation between Jenni Hermoso’s friend and the marketing director of the RFEF

The judge of the National Court who instructs the ‘Rubiales case’ has agreed to suspend the confrontation that had been set for November 30 between Ana Belén Ecube, the friend of the Spanish soccer team player Jenni Hermoso who has already testified as a witness, and the marketing director of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera, who He appeared under investigation for possible coercion of the soccer player.

Legal sources have confirmed to Europa Press that the magistrate has adopted this decision after Rivera’s defense requested to suspend the confrontation, considering it inadmissible.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 1, Judge Francisco de Jorge, has accepted the request when he understands that there are still other actions pending practice and has corrected its initial decision to carry out the confrontation, which had initially been requested by Hermoso’s defense, considering this procedure “adequate and pertinent since this party had observed the discrepancy between the statements of both.”

The sources consulted have specified that the instructor has agreed to the suspension against the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Officewhich opposed the appeal for reform in which the suspension was requested.

Rivera and Ecube’s conversation in Ibiza

It is worth remembering that Ana Belén Ecube He went to testify at the National Court on September 25, the same day that the senior player’s brother did so. Then, and according to legal sources consulted by Europa Press, he supported Hermoso’s testimony before the magistrate, in which he indicated that the kiss was not consensual and that there was coercion behind it.

For his part, Rubén Rivera testified before the judge as a defendant on October 10, when he denied that he participated in the coercion that is being investigated. Rivera, who moved to Ibiza – where the players celebrated winning the World Cup – would have explained that his job was to convey the information from the RFEF to the footballers themselves. In his words, his presence on the island was that of a kind of qualified messenger.

Along these lines, Rivera maintained that she was there to help everyone, carrying out tasks such as purchasing bikinis, summer clothes or tickets to clubs. Furthermore, he has denied that he spoke with Rubiales or that he gave him any type of indication. He did recognize that He approached Hermoso only to warn him that they had called him and to keep an eye on the phone.

Rivera also explained that she spoke with a friend of the player about logistical issues – with Ecube -. In that conversation he also tried to convince her friend to get Hermoso to agree to speak with the director of the National Team, Albert Luque, a conversation that never materialized.


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