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The Italian Tony Arbolino wins in Australia after a red flag that forces half of the points to be distributed

The Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex) claimed victory in the Australian Grand Prix of Moto2which was held in very adverse atmospheric conditions at Phillip Island and which forced the red flag to be shown at the beginning of the tenth lap.

As the race is canceled before 2/3 of the race is over, Only half of the points are distributed to the first fifteen finishers.

Arbolino entered the outstanding leader in the ninth lap, ahead of the Spaniards Arón Canet (Kalex) and Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro), in a test in which there were up to ten falls, one of them that of the championship leader, the Spanish Pedro Acosta (Kalex), who was able to continue to finish ninth.

Bad asphalt conditions for the championship leader in Moto2, “Tiburón” Acosta, who crashed in turn four on the formation lapafter having a scare in the second, and his motorcycle refused to start.

Acosta loaded the motorcycle onto one of the circuit’s assistance trailers to get to his workshop as soon as possible, but already condemned to leave last from the street of workshops to the warm-up lap and occupy the last position in the starting formation.

The world championship leader had to take it a little calmly as he did not have tire warmers at any time, unlike his rivals, which forced him to warm up both in the warm-up lap and in the first laps of the race.

At the start Acosta gained a couple of positions, while ahead were Aldeguer and López, the two Boscoscuro drivers who took the lead, although in just four corners Alonso López was already out of the race when he crashed, followed by Arón Canet (Kalex) and Sergio García Dols (Kalex), who led the first lap at the end.

Canet had a scare that made him lose positions -ninth in the first lap-, and Pedro Acosta finished the first lap in twenty-sixth positionwhich in the next one was the twenty-fourth.

Sergio García Dols little by little it consolidated itself in the first position, ahead of the Czech Filip Salac (Kalex) and the Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex), who had a golden opportunity to close the gap in the championship points table with Pedro Acosta, who was already eighteenth in the third lap.

But he didn’t last long as a leader. Sergio García Dols, who jumped into the air on turn eight on the fourth lap and his pursuer, Filip Salac, also ended up on the ground at that same point. Two corners later, in lane ten, it was the British Sam Lowes (Kalex) who suffered an accident and, one lap later, it was his compatriot Jake Dixon (Kalex) and the Italian Matteo Casadei (Kalex).

In the face of so many accidents, The leadership passed to the Italian Tony Arbolino, followed by the Spaniards Fermín Aldeguer, Arón Canet and Izan Guevara (Kalex), with Pedro Acosta already in tenth position, after just seven laps of the 23 laps scheduled for the intermediate category race.

Aron Canet took advantage of his opportunity on lap nine to move to second position after overtaking Fermín Aldeguer, with Tony Arbolino already with a lead of 14 seconds and his compatriot Celestino Vietti (Kalex) who was going down just a few moments before the red flag was shown as the conditions worsened atmospheric.

As conditions did not improve, with strong gusts of wind in some parts of the circuitRace Direction decided to cancel it, granting the victory to Tony Arbolino ahead of Arón Canet and Fermín Aldeguer.

Behind them, the Spanish Jeremy Alcoba (Kalex) achieved fourth place ahead of the American Joe Roberts (Kalex), the Spanish Izan Guevara (Kalex), the Thai Somkiat Chantra (Kalex), the Dutch Bo Bendsneyder (Kalex), Pedro Acosta and Marcos Ramírez (Kalex), who occupied the top ten positions .

In the points too The Japanese Tetsuta Hada, the British Rory Skinner enteredthe Spaniards Manuel González and Albert Arenas and the Japanese Ai Ogura, all of them on Kalex paths.


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