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The iPhone 15 would be offered in five shades, with USB-C cables according to the color of the phone

Future Apple smartphones are monopolizing rumors and leaks these weeks pending the official announcement, probably scheduled for September 12 or 13. New speculations focus on the iPhone 15 colors, which would be available in five variants. In addition, USB-C cables would be offered according to the tonality of the devices.

A report of MacRumors notes that the regular iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will hit the market with at least the following shades. Midnight black, a new white called star lightyellow, blue, and an orange or coral variant. Compared to the same editions of the iPhone 14, the purple color would be discarded.

On the other hand, the source collects a message on Twitter from the leaker unknownz21who noted that Apple has tested other colors for the iPhone 15, such as pink, a gold variant, in addition to green.

At this point, it should be remembered that the starting lineups of the most recent series debuted with five options when it comes to hues. Then, it is usual for the manufacturer to offer an additional color to boost sales in the middle of the product cycle. To mention the most recent case, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus received a yellow color option in March, six months after launch.

Looking ahead to the next versions, there is speculation that, already in 2024, for the second quarter of the year, Apple will offer a red option, adding to the color variants of the iPhone 15.

The colors of the iPhone 15, with a matching USB-C cable

This week, leaks circulated showing the alleged cables for the USB-C connector that Apple mobiles will include. In the disclosed images, it is noted that the manufacturer would offer this component with the same color as the phone case.

So far, all of the brand’s smartphones include a cable with a white cover, regardless of the color of the phone. In addition to the possible match between that element and the colors of the iPhone 15, Apple would choose to braided variants —which offer more resistance— just as it does on all MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models with MagSafe 3.

Apple would include USB-C slots in its phones

The iPhone 15 would have a USB-C port, replacing the traditional Lightning.

In addition to the details of the new colors and shades, it should be remembered that the leap to USB-C It is one of the speculations that has gained the most strength in view of the launch of the iPhone in 2023. Saying goodbye to the traditional Lightning port is not exactly a will of the American manufacturer. Instead, it is a response to pressure from regulators, led by the European Union, who demand a common industry standard.

With that, the new iPhone would have the same slot as most Android phones. Such standardization would lead to monetary savings for consumers, who will not have to buy different chargers if they go from Android to Apple equipment. In addition, the measure would help reduce the high volumes of electronic waste.

Although some reports suggested that the change would only take place on the most expensive iPhones – the Pro and Pro Max variants – the truth will only be revealed next month. As anticipated by the analyst BloombergMark Gurman, the new Apple phones will be presented on September 12 or 13.

More rumors about the iPhone 15

Usual protagonists in the dance of rumors, the mobiles that Apple will launch in 2023 are no exception to the rule. In addition to the colors of the iPhone 15 and the inclusion of the USB-C port, numerous speculations have circulated about the series. Here are some of the most notable.

In certain variants of the series – it is believed that the Pro editions – a renewed action button to access features with one touch. For example, to activate Siri, turn on the flashlight or camera, open voice notes, display accessibility options, and so on.

It has also been said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera It will be one of the biggest scoops. It would be a periscopic lens, according to a report by analyst Ming Chi-Kuo.

Otherwise, The iPhone 15 would have the thinnest edges in the mobile market, with just 1.5 mm. All models would abandon the notch -the notch on the screen- and adopt the Dynamic Island that was introduced with the iPhone 14.

What would happen to the processors? The iPhone 15 Pro would have the brand new chip of the firm, the A17 Bionic with 3 nanometer architecture. For their part, the base models would arrive with the A16 Bionic that is present in the iPhone 14 Pro.

The possible prices of the series

The models and prices of the iPhone 15 would be launched with the following scheme, which is tentative pending the official announcement.

  • iPhone 15: 1,009 euros / 20,999 pesos (Mexico).
  • iPhone 15 Plus: €1,159 / $23,999.
  • iPhone 15 Pro: €1,319 / $25,999.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: €1,469 / $28,999.

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