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The iPhone 15 will solve one of the historical deficiencies of the iPhone

One of the main novelties of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, it will be the USB-C connector, which will arrive to replace the Lightning that Apple has used so much in its smartphones. Everything indicates that this new port, in addition to offering greater compatibility with cables, will allow faster transfer speeds. And, apparently —and as he comments 9to5Mac—, also faster charging on some models.

The aforementioned portal affirms, through “people familiar with the matter”, that some iPhone 15 models will include a fast charge up to 35 watts. By way of comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have so far the most powerful fast charge ever seen on an iPhone; they reach 27 W in some conditions. The iPhone 14, on the other hand, have a fast charge limited to 20 W.

The problem with fast charging on iPhones is the large battery of some models. For example, the iPhone 14 Pro Max takes up to two hours to complete the charge, despite the fact that it is carried out at 27W. A power of 35 W, therefore, It would allow battery to be supplied considerably faster.

Also, it makes sense for Apple to make the new iPhones compatible with this power if we take into account that they have recently released 30 and 35 W adapters for MacBook Airs which, of course, are also compatible with iPhones.

For the moment, yes the charging time that those 35 W could offer is unknown that would reach the iPhone 15, since we must take into account other factors, such as the size of the battery of each model. Apple, on the other hand, could keep 15W fast wireless charging with MagSafe.

The iPhone 15 will arrive in September

Concept of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Although Apple has not yet confirmed anything in this regard, everything indicates that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will be announced during the month of September. Specifically, during the days 12 or 13 of September.

Apparently, some of the most important telephone operators in the United States are asking their employees not to take vacations during those dates before “an important announcement of a new smartphone”. Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, also agrees that the new models will be presented on one of those days.

Among the main novelties, and in addition to the USB-C port, the iPhone 15 will have screens with thinner bezels, camera improvements, new processors and greater autonomy.

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