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The iPhone 15 Pro would surprise with up to 2 TB of storage

Within a month or so, Apple will announce its new iPhones. This week, the journalist from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, anticipated that the presentation event will be held on September 12 or 13. As usual, the rumors circulate strongly in the previous one. One of them generates special enthusiasm among the fans of the brand: a iPhone 15 Pro with 2TB storagean unprecedented capacity in this family of mobiles.

According to collect 9to5Macthe prolific leaker yeux1122 He assured that he obtained the information from an Apple supplier. In addition to the substantial 2 TB for the iPhone 15 Pro, the speculation dance mentions the possibility that the manufacturer will also double the initial capacities. In other words, we would go from 128 GB to 256GB.

It should be remembered that the iPhone 14, which was launched on the market in 2022, is offered in basic versions with 128 GB for internal storage. For their part, the most advanced and complete models have 1 TB. This section in the technical sheet of the terminals is relevant, since it determines, together with other characteristics, the sale price.

The increase in storage in the iPhone 15 Pro would justify the price hike

“Prepare your wallet if you plan to buy an upcoming iPhone 15 Pro or a Pro Max,” we pointed out when reviewing another of Gurman’s information. In one of his traditional bulletins, the journalist observed that Apple would increase the price of the most advanced models. In this case, the purpose is clear: to boost revenue, at a time when the company’s smartphone is registering drops in sales.

Naturally, the rise in prices of models premium should bring with it an increase in their profits. Meanwhile, an iPhone 15 Pro with more storage could be one of the variables to explain the increase in the amount that buyers will have to pay. It will not be the only improvement, as they would also come with the revamped action button, with the USB-C port replacing the Lightning, and with thinner bezels, as has been rumored.

Regarding prices, the iPhone 14 Pro is sold in Spain for 1,319 euros, while the Pro Max amounts to 1,469 euros. These figures represent an increase in relation to the most advanced equipment of the 13 series, of 2021. In the United States, the iPhone 14 arrived without increases compared to its predecessors. As we pointed out, that would change in the mobile lineup that Apple will announce in a few weeks.

Apple would widen the distance between the basic iPhone and the Pro models

The iPhone 15 Pro with 2TB would explain, in part, an increase in the prices of the series.

Like last year, there will be up to 4 variants of the iPhone 15. In addition, the Cupertino company would maintain the following strategy: include the main innovations in the most expensive models. For example, the new A17 Bionic processor would be exclusive to the Pro variants. It has also been speculated that only the most advanced phones will have a periscope camera. In addition, what was said before: the iPhone 15 Pro with 2 TB would deepen that search of the manufacturer.

For their part, the base models would not be more expensive – in relation to the iPhone 14 – and will start at $799 in the US market, according to analysts. Of course, great improvements are not expected in these mobiles beyond the dynamic island.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will not only be more expensive. It is also possible that fewer units will be available after the launch, supposedly scheduled for September 22. This limitation is related to the difficulties in the production lines. According to The Informationthe new manufacturing method to reduce the size of the borders on these devices has caused problems with the screens, which are provided by LG.

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