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The illegal situation of El Alcoraz will force Huesca-Espanyol to play without an audience

The mayor of Huesca, Lorena Ordunahas warned that there is a risk that the next match of the Sociedad Deportiva Huesca at the El Alcoraz stadium is played without an audience if the club does not present “as soon as possible” the necessary documentation to regularize the environmental license.

In statements to the media this Saturday in Zaragoza, where he attended the Extraordinary Assembly of the Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, Counties and Provinces (Famcp), Lorena Orduna has explained that El Alcoraz has been granted licenses, but not the environmental the Huesca City Council has requested the recasting of all the texts that have been pending for five years.

The situation is “complicated”, he acknowledged, however, from the City Council “we are giving deadlines and requirements to correct it.”

At this point, Orduna has disgraced the city’s previous government team, led by socialist Luis Felipe, for allowing El Alcoraz to remain five years without an environmental license. “being aware of all the renovation works that had been carried out in the stadium.”

He has also criticized that in the transfer of powers to the Popular Party, the status of the licenses and actions related to SD Huesca in relation to the stadium was hidden, after five years of expansions, reforms, “sAbove all, with a capacity of 9,100 people who can enter the field of soccer“.

Orduna has commented that there are licenses granted for other services, such as restaurants or cafeterias, as well as the initial one that dates back to the year 1974, and the prevention and organization measures “are very correct.”

Immediate term

Thus, the mayor of Huesca has stated that they are working together with the Huesca club so that, “in the immediate term they obtain this legal revision and their situation is normalized“, with the objective, he assured, that SD Huesca “does not have any administrative damage and can play normally” in El Alcoraz.

Regarding the times to present the required documentation, Orduna has indicated that it must be “imminent”, since the administrative deadline ends on Monday, the 6th.

Likewise, he highlighted the collaboration of the club to remedy the situation, pointing out that they are working on the consolidated text, but the allegations ““They were not enough, they did not finish consolidating the text requested from the Urban Planning Department”. If not, “we risk the next match being played without an audience,” she observed.

In this sense, he has expressed the “total collaboration” of the Huesca City Council, because the club is “important” for the city.


On the other hand, he commented that one of the concerns of the current government team since it arrived at the Huesca City Council has been that the licenses were in orderespecially after the event that occurred in a store in Murcia, in which several people died.

From this moment, “we began to review all the important files of the City Council and we found some eitherothers, which are carried out at the same time, and which are being solved in many cases“. In the case of SD Huesca, they have reported that since they were notified of the situation, they have presented part of the documentation, “but it is not enough.”

Finally, he has guaranteed that the stadium’s security measures They are “perfect” and have several licenses grantedapart from the construction licenses they already had, “but it is not all consolidated into a single text, so they have to get to work on the new document.”

Azcón and the competitions

The one who wanted to stay out of the El Alcoraz controversy was Jorge Azcón. “What has to do with licenses is the responsibility of the Huesca City Council. I am convinced that he will resolve it with the law in hand but also in dialogue with the club. “It is a problem of strict municipal jurisdiction.”stated the president of the DGA. “The one that is worrying and carrying it out is the city council. If they asked us for help, I am convinced that we would try to help them, but we must be respectful of each person’s licenses.”“added Azcón.


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