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The Hispanics can with Slovenia and seal the pass to the quarterfinals

The Spanish team of handball certified their qualification to the quarterfinals of the Poland and Sweden World Cup by beating Slovenia 26-31 this Friday, in a match in which they showed the necessary maturity to carry out a clash that required him like few others in the tournament.

Aware that the key to defeating the Balkan team was to prevent the Slovenians from providing the necessary speed and fluidity to their attacking game, the Spanish players used themselves conscientiously in defense from the beginning.

A perfect symphony of assists and opponent changes that completely canceled the offensive of the Slovenian teamwho, after the first ten minutes of the game, had only managed to score a static goal.

Quick counter-goal actions

The Spanish team had more problems with the quick counter-goal actions by the Slovenians, but if Blaz Janc is quick to get the ball out, much more so is the Spanish winger Kauldi Odriozola, who surprised time and time again with his brilliant careers.

Easy goals that, together with the good work of Alex Dujshebaev, who left the occasional hint of his extraordinary quality, allowed the Hispanics to reach a lead of four goals on the scoreboard (2-6) after nine minutes of play.

Jordi Ribera’s men could not keep the difference against the irruption of goalkeeper Urban Lejakwho, with his interventions, a three-pointer from three consecutive shots from the Spanish team, allowed Slovenia to get fully involved in the game.

With the goal secured, the Balkan team was able to deploy their fast transition gamewhich caused numerous difficulties to the Spanish defense, unable to stop the full-back Borut Mackovsek in the race

A problem to which must be added the increasingly fluidity that the Slovenian team endowed with in their attack, which, based on one against one, not only managed to equalize the contest, but also to be ahead on the scoreboard (14-13) by less than four minutes to go to the break.

Equality until the second half

The Spanish team, despite the exclusion of Miguel Sánchez-Migallón, managed to return the tables to a score (15-15) that left everything to be resolved in the second half.

Second thirty minutes in which the Hispanics continued to show themselves incapable of controlling the feints of the center-back Dean Bombac, who with his penetrations generated the necessary spaces for Slovenia to convert each of their attacks into a goal.

Spain was forced to constantly score in order not to get off the hooka test of maturity to which the Spanish team responded with flying colours, which responded from time to time with the Balkans.

The Spanish team found relief with the exclusions of Jure Dolenec and the coach Uros Zorman, which allowed Jordi Ribera’s men to find themselves just after halfway through the second half with an income of four goals (20-24)a whole treasure given the equality of the duel.

An advantage that seemed to definitively settle the Spanish team, which began to recover the same solid defensive stamp that it showed at the start of the game.

The defensive improvement allowed the Hispanics to be just over eleven minutes from the conclusion with a maximum income of five goals (21-26) that seemed to pave his triumph.

Goalkeeper Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas ensured a victory for the Spanish team with two saves and winger Dani Dujshebaev with two goals, actions that allowed Spain to enter the last three minutes of the game with an insurmountable six goals difference ( 23-29) on the scoreboard.

Data sheet:

26 – Slovenia: Lesjak; Janc (5), Dolenec (7, 4p), Bombac (3, 1p), Vlah (1p), Kodrin (2) and Blagotinsek (1) -initial team- Baznik (ps), Cehte (-), Gaber (1 ), Horzen (-), Mazej (-), Ovnicek (2), Makuc (-), Mackovsek (3) and Novak (1)

31 – Spain: Perez de Vargas; Odriozola (6, 2p), Dani Dujshebaev (5), Gideón Guardiola (1), Peciña (-), Casado (3) and Ángel Fernández (1) -initial team- Corrales (ps), Maqueda (1), Alex Dujshebaev (3), Solé (4, 1p), Figueras (4), Cañellas (1), Valera (2), Sánchez-Migallón (-) and Dani Fernández (-)

Marker every five minutes: 2-3, 3-6, 6-7, 10-10, 12-13 and 15-15 (Rest) 18-17, 19-21, 20-23, 21-26, 23-28 and 26-31 (Final)

Referees: Kurtagic and Wetterwick (SWE). They excluded Blagotinsek, Dolenec, Mazej and coach Uros Zorman for Slovenia for two minutes; and Sánchez-Migallón (2) and Gideón Guardiola, for Spain.

incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of group I of the second phase of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden played at the Tauron Arena in Krakow (Poland) before some 2,100 spectators.


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