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The hard road of Travis Trace

Julie was a track star her senior year in high school. She at 18 years old she with a sports scholarship for the university of North Carolina in Wilmington got pregnant. her partner was Travis Trice Sr., a promising point guard from Butler University basketball. That was the first moment in which the life of the point guard UCAM Murcia, Travis Trice Jr.., Unicaja’s next rival could finish, but Travis has proven to be a survivor. «People told me that I should have an abortion after getting pregnant. They told me “no no no no“from the beginning” he remembered Julie to Detroit Free Press. But she was clear that she was going to have her child. Before he was born, Travis still had a major challenge to overcome when at week 41 of pregnancy his heart rate “flattened out.” An emergency caesarian section brought him into this world with the umbilical cord wrapped around his ankles, but alive. “No one understands the struggles that this child has had to go through… his whole life,” his mother recalled when Washington Post.

Sur childhood was spent in gyms. Just two weeks after he was born his mother took him to Indianapolis to see his first basketball game. Despite that, before deciding on the orange ball, he tried baseball, which he did not like because of the length of the games, and American football, where he played quarterback, but the lack of physicality to play with professionals led him to basketball. . The legendary Tom Izo gave him the opportunity to play basketball in michigan statethe mythical university where he studied magic johnson and where Travis coincided with the baskonista Matt Costello. He didn’t have much physique, but as coach Izzo himself told usa today: «As a coach, you fall in love with the guys who remind you the most of yourself. We’re kind of a long shot.”

Life had prepared for him Travis Trice a third «mach ball». In the spring of his freshman year in college he suffered a brain disease not yet diagnosed. She suddenly ran out of energy, lost 10 kilos and was sleeping more than 12 hours a day. She had a hard time getting out of bed and she couldn’t play basketball. In an interview on CBS she acknowledged that “it was terrifying, you end up wondering I’m dying? You think about brain tumors, AIDS, cancer, mononucleosis… you enter a very dark place. She had taken him in secret and when he told his parents, they took him to the church and prayed for his recovery. Miraculously, the symptoms began to subside until they disappeared completely.. This episode turned the young Trice into a great believer. “I think God allowed me to go through that and changed me into who I am today. I was in a dark place, and he got me out of there.” He still exchanges Bible passages with his family today. In his college career he still suffered two concussions and infected blisters on his feet, something that didn’t stop him from leading the Spartans to the final four of the ncaa in 2015. That was a big year for the family Three. The older brother reached the university finals and the father, travis srtraining his two little brothers, d’mitrikcurrent player of the Slask Wrocław Polish, and Isaiah, achieved the state school title with the warriors of Wayne High in Huber Heights.

Travis Trice Jr. He is one of the leaders of a UCAM Murcia that he is playing, and has more danger, than what his classification reflects. He is also one of the possible rivals in the quarterfinals of the BCL. Come on, it won’t be an easy game against a rival on many fronts this year. The defeat in istanbul in view of Galatasaray It shows that the Malaga team is “mortal”, that it does not have a fantastic armor that protects it from all evils and that if it is not at 100% it can suffer against many teams. The “back to back» Against the same rival they are very complicated, even more so if there is a trip involved. It is not a defeat to worry about, but to take note and grow. This defeat does not have much influence on the team’s chances. The true final was and is before the AEK in Athens, although first you have to play, and try to win, in the ACB. Luck.


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