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The Government will contribute 1.7 million to Solheim and accuses the Provincial Council of lying

This Tuesday, the Government ratified its commitment to contribute 1.7 million euros to the Solheim Golf Cupwhich is celebrated this week in Casaresand has accused the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Saladoof lying when reporting the lack of government aid for this important sporting event.

Executive sources have explained to EFE that “there is a firm commitment from the Government of Spain to contribute 1.7 million euros to the Solheim Cup”, an aid that already has the approval of the Higher Sports Council and that will become effective when the Ministry of Culture and Sports complete the appropriate procedures.

The Executive assures that this circumstance has already been communicated to the event promoters, who have also been guaranteed that, once a government is formed, the budget commitment It will remain “unalterable” for this edition, even though it has already been held.

In this sense, the aforementioned sources They accuse Salado of “missing the truth” when he states that Solheim Cup will not receive “not one euro” of aid from the Governmentcompared to the “more than 50 million committed for the Ryder Cup in Catalonia”.

“The president of the Malaga Provincial Council should have the responsibility according to the position he occupies and not throwing half-truths, which is the same as breaking the truth or lying“, they emphasize.

The same sources consider “paradoxical” that the mayor of Rincón de la Victoria “uses half-truths to try to manipulate public opinion in terms of feminism when it is their party that agrees on policies of regression for equality and for the women of our country with the extreme right.

And not only that, the sources add, but “It is the political party of Mr. Francisco Salado that protects and whitens the denialist discourse of gender violence of those who have been its government partners in Andalusia and are now partners in numerous autonomous communities and 140 town councils”.

Solheim Cup advertising spot, which will be hosted by the Costa del Sol

At the start of the competition, the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, denounced the “injury to Andalusia, the Costa del Sol and women’s sports” which, according to him, means that the Solheim Cup of golf does not receive “a single euro of aid from the Government of Spain, compared to the more than 50 million committed for the Ryder Cup in Catalonia.”

“Do you know how much the central government is going to invest in the Solheim? Zero. The Ryder Cup is committed to 2031 in Catalonia and the Government has already said that, at least, it is going to commit 50 million,” said Salado.

The Solheim Cup is the most important women’s golf championship in the worldwhich faces the teams of Europe and USAis celebrated for the first time in Spain, specifically in the Finca Cortesín de Casareswhere thousands of fans of this sport will gather throughout the week.


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