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The Galaxy S24 Ultra would embrace titanium, following in the wake of the iPhone 15 Pro and the Xiaomi 14 Pro

Samsung would follow in the footsteps of Apple and Xiaomi, and would equip the Galaxy S24 Ultra of a body with titanium frames. As reported The Elec, the South Koreans would reserve this feature for the top-of-the-range model, so we would not see it in the S24 and S24+. However, the company would not rule out expanding its use in the future.

If Samsung does indeed give a titanium build to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it will join a trend that has gained particular attention since the appearance of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Although they wouldn’t be the first to get on the train. Let’s not forget that, days ago, Xiaomi presented a special version of the Xiaomi 14 Pro that also uses said material.

According to the aforementioned media, the decision to use titanium in the Galaxy S24 Ultra was not made overnight. Samsung would take at least two years developing a system to integrate titanium frames into the aluminum structure of its smartphones. However, only recently has it decided to move forward with its application on a commercial level.

It is likely that the economic factor was crucial when defining the use of titanium in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The fact is that implementing frames with this material will surely be much more expensive and will translate into an increase in the cost of the final product. But with brands like Apple and Xiaomi driving the trend In its most recent devices, it would not be unusual for this feature to expand rapidly in the market.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra would arrive with a titanium casing

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Photo: Hypertextual.

The Elec states that Samsung has set the goal of having 15 million titanium casings for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This figure would not be whimsical, but would equal the number of units of the Galaxy S23 Ultra that the company shipped this year. It is evident that the Asians are betting that, at a minimum, their next flagship will have a commercial performance similar to that of the current one.

The rumor suggests, however, that the adoption of titanium would not bring major changes in the weight of the Samsung smartphone. This would be because, unlike Apple or other manufacturers, the Koreans already used aluminum and not stainless steel in their mobile phones.

Although the most curious thing about this information would be that, although initially the use of titanium would be reserved for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, its implementation in other models would not be ruled out. The Galaxy S24 and S24+ would not use this material in principle; although Samsung would consider doing so depending on how good the reception is among the public and the press.

However, it is not clear whether this could mean the launch of alternative versions of the S24 and S24+ with titanium. Or if you would directly choose to incorporate the material in all models of the Galaxy S25 line.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra would be the big star of the next Samsung Unpacked event, which would take place around January 18, 2024. Data leaked in recent months suggests that the mobile phone would take a big leap in the rear camera module. It would include a 200 MP main sensor, a 12 MP ultra wide angle, a 50 telephoto lens and a 10 MP periscopic lens.

The smartphone would also stand out for the inclusion of a screen with flat edges and the new chip Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, from Qualcomm. It is worth clarifying that the S24 and S24+ would be launched in variants with a chip Exynos 2400developed by Samsung.

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