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The four reasons that have led Florentino to fall out of love with Mbappé

The future of Kylian Mbappé It does not go through the Santiago Bernabéu. At least that’s what its president said, Florentino Perez, to some of his relatives at a meal that was held days before the assembly. Several media outlets have echoed this information, although Real Madrid has not wanted to confirm it.

However, the top leader of the white club has been accumulating reasons in recent months that have led him to lose interest in the signing of the French striker, who is no longer Real Madrid’s priority objective for next summer. There are those who see behind this change of direction a maneuver to make the negotiation with the Frenchman and his agents cheaper, but there are reasons that indicate that the president’s confidence during the aforementioned meeting is firm.

The extra cost of the Santiago Bernabéu

The club prioritizes all economic efforts in the renovation of its stadium. The project, encrypted at the beginning in 525 million euros, has skyrocketed “due to unforeseen improvements” and “the increase in costs due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine,” as Florentino Pérez explained in the assembly. The white board of directors asked its partners for permission to request a third loan of 370 million for the Bernabéu, which has raised the financing of the works to a total of 1,170 million euroswhich results from the 575 million of the 2018 credit, 225 more in a second in 2021, and these 370 now.

Today, Real Madrid has spent 892.7 million on the works, which come from the 800 total of the first two credits and another 92.7 from own funds. Club sources point out that those 92.7 of their own funds that were taken from the box were originally destined for a big signing (everything points to Mbappé), but the stadium has become a priority, to the point that Florentino decided not to sign a 9 after the departure of Benzema. Among the improvements that have increased the cost of the remodeling and that will be undertaken with this third loan, Pérez pointed out that the video scoreboard, the stadium’s acoustics, improved lighting, audiovisual screens, an event control room, commercial spaces appeared. and VIP rooms.

View of the Bernabéu from one of its goals. EFE

Mbappé’s huge salary

Added to this extra cost that the remodeling has generated are the colossal dimensions of an operation such as the signing of Kylian Mbappé. As revealed by the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’, Mbappé’s contract in the Paris Saint-Germain guarantees a salary of 72 million euros gross per year, six million gross per month. To which should be added a renewal bonus of 180 million, divided into three payments, and another loyalty of 240 million euros each end of the market that decides to continue at PSG (70 million euros gross in 2022, 80 million in 2023 and 90 million in 2024). Amounts in which Real Madrid has never managed.

It must be remembered, as an example, that Vinicius Junior He has just been renewed by Real Madrid until 2027, seeing his salary increased until he becomes one of the highest paid in the white team with 12 million net. At PSG there are more than five players who exceed a figure and another half dozen who are around it. Florentino made a first offer to Monaco to sign him, in 2016, and then Kylian’s agents asked him for 12 million net transfers. That caused Pérez to get up from the table, after offering 120 million for the striker to the Monegasque club, and broke off any negotiations. Florentino is not willing to break his salary scale and, above all, the financial sustainability of the club for a signing.

Mbappe EFE

The player’s rudeness and ego

Mbappé’s changes of opinion, especially the last one with his renewal for PSG when he already had a closed agreement with the whites, have ended up disenchanting a Florentino who has felt ignored by the French forward. Added to this are the different episodes that Mbappé has starred in at PSG, with clashes with colleagues like Neymar and Messihis capricious behavior demanding the signing or dismissal of coaches and sports directors, his rudeness to his own fans… Mbappé’s ego has also generated friction in the national team, where he has demanded to wear the armband and has not bitten his head. language when pointing out the teammates he wants in the eleven with him.

And Florentino Pérez has been taking note of all this, who doesn’t want another Cristiano Ronaldo in the dressing room. The Portuguese believed he had the power to challenge the president and ended up going badly against a Real Madrid team that recovered without any problem from his departure and continued winning the Champions League while he retired to a minor league like the Saudi one to amass more money. Florentino does not want another Cristiano in Madrid and Mbappé is starting to be too similar.

Messi and Neymar at PSG. EFE

Successful planning without French

The planification of Jose Angel Sanchez and Juni Calafat It has been a success in the short, medium and long term, so the club has a bright present and an exciting future after securing the continuity of players like Vinicius (2027), Rodrygo (2028), Bellingham (2029), Tchouameni (2028), Valverde (2029), Camavinga (2028) and Military (2028, renewal will be presented shortly). All of them will be joined by Endrick, who arrives next summer with a contract until 2027 and a renewal clause extendable until 2030.

Precisely, the Brazilian has been chosen to occupy that forward position that was planned for Mbappé and that Madrid is missing after Benzema’s unexpected departure to Arabia. Endrick’s growth with Palmeiras It has led him to debut for Brazil at the age of 17, which has greatly accelerated the player’s growth rates. And that has finished convincing Florentino, JAS and Juni that Endrick should be the definitive bet to wear the white number 9 in the coming years.


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