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The foldable iPad enters an intensive development phase and could see the light of day sooner than expected

The rumored foldable iPad could be a reality very soon. At least that’s what it suggests Digitimeswho states that the company is “intensively developing” a new tablet with a flexible screen that could be announced next year.

The aforementioned portal states that the Cupertino company is currently working with third-party suppliers in the development of the foldable iPad, and they hope that Apple can carry out small-scale production at the end of 2024. This means that the device It could officially see the light of day during this period or, at the latest, at the beginning of 2025.

At the moment, there are no great details about the foldable iPad that Apple is working on. We know, thanks to the report, that The company has not even finalized the design of the device. Apple, in fact, would have entrusted this part of the project to the procurement department with the aim of reducing costs and making the design as profitable as possible.

Apple, in addition, seems to be having problems with the development of two key components: the hinge and the screen. According to Digitimes, the Cupertino firm is concerned about the durability of both pieces, as well as the visibility of the panel wrinkle. Apple would be working together with LG and Samsung to avoid this problem that affects many of today’s mobile phones so much. And, incidentally, make the cost of the components more profitable and easier to mass produce.

Why a foldable iPad before an iPhone?

ConceptsiPhone Foldable iPhone Concento – YouTube

It may seem strange that Apple is launching a foldable iPad first and not an iPhone with a flexible screen, but it makes special sense. The iPad represents a relatively small percentage of sales of all Apple products; launching a model with a flexible screen, therefore, they can better manage problems that may arise once the equipment reaches users. Failures that arise on the foldable iPad would have a smaller impact than if they were on a foldable iPhone; the company’s most popular device.

In any case, Apple also has the idea of ​​launching a foldable iPhone soon, according to some rumors. The firm, in fact, could also announce a MacBook with a flexible screen. According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultant, Apple is working on the idea of ​​a Macbook with a 20-inch screen capable of bending at a 90-degree angle.

This would allow creating a kind of base to use part of the screen as a keyboard, while the upper part would be used to play content. At the moment, however, there are no details about its launch or if this product that Young describes is, in fact, the folding iPad that we could see next year.

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