With every generation of PlayStation, it’s common for Sony to release at least one significant hardware revamp. With the PS5, of course, it will not be the exception. According to Tom Henderson, a source who continues to gain trust in the video game industry, the company is already preparing the first major redesign of the PlayStation 5. Its main novelty, yes, will go beyond a simple change of look.

In his report on InsiderGamingHenderson claims that the new PS5 will have a completely different chassis than the current one. In other words, you can forget about that peculiar design that it cost you so much work to fit into your living room. This new design would stand out, mainly, for having a removable disc reader unit. For what reason?


Sony’s idea would be that those who buy the new console without a disc drive because they only consume titles in digital format, have the option of embracing physical games by purchasing the disc drive separately. This would eliminate the need to buy a completely different console, as is the case now.

In this way, in addition, Sony would keep a single model of the PS5 for sale. And what happens to those who continue to prefer the physical format of a lifetime? Sony would sell a PS5 package with the removable drivethus managing to cover the different preferences of its market.

PS5, PlayStation 5

Henderson explains that the drive will connect to the PS5 via a USB-C port located on the back. This curious strategy would allow to create a lower weight and smaller hardware compared to the current model.


Of course, in terms of performance do not expect a jump. The new PS5 would keep the CPU and GPU practically intact. Therefore, for more power we would have to wait for a hypothetical “Pro” variant, of which there is no mention in the report.

When will the new PS5 with the removable disk drive be released? According to him leakerSony fully produce 18.5 million units of this this console during the fiscal year 2023. Consequently, its release would be scheduled for some time next year. The current models would continue to be manufactured, but in smaller quantities.

Sony is no stranger to making changes to current-gen hardware. To date, the PS5 has had two internal modifications, with the second being the most important. However, none of them come close to the redesign that will presumably be introduced in 2023.


Is Tom Henderson trustworthy? As far as Sony information is concerned, his leak history is quite reliable. Without going any further, he was the first to anticipate that Sony was working on a controller for professional and competitive players. A few months later, Sony made the DualSense Edge official, whose release date and price remain unknown.