Friday, March 24, 2023

The final trailer for ‘Super Mario Bros. The Movie’ is insane

Nintendo has released the third and last trailer of ‌Super Mario Bros. The Movie, one of the most anticipated animated productions this year. True to previous ones, this trailer is a visual spectacle from start to finish. The quality of the animation is at the level of any exponent of the genre. In addition, Nintendo and Illumination rely on a good number of references to video games, which will surely bring smiles to the most loyal fans.

The earlier preview of ‌Super Mario Bros. The Movie had shown us a brief glimpse of a career inspired by Mario Kart. However, it is the last trailer that focuses almost entirely on said sequence. Mario, his colleagues and his enemies fight for his life on the legendary Rainbow track, perhaps the most recognized in the history of the popular game.

One of the best news we received during February is that ‌Super Mario Bros. The Movie slightly advanced its release worldwide. Both in Spain and in Mexico you can see it from April 5. In both countries, in fact, it is already possible to buy advance tickets. This shows that Universal Pictures, the film’s distributor, is aware that millions of people are interested in enjoying it from day one. Below is the trailer in different languages:


youtube video

Latin Spanish:

youtube videoyoutube video


youtube videoyoutube video

Although the step of Super Mario for the big screen has been non-existent, that has not prevented it from continuing to be one of the largest and most profitable franchises in the world of entertainment. However, it is true that Nintendo, for many years, missed the opportunity to expand the franchise beyond its video game consoles.

Today we are seeing that game companies are more interested in exploring other markets. PlayStation, for example, has the spotlight on it thanks to the series of The Last of Us, which is breaking records on HBO Max every weekend. Xbox, for its part, brought to life the long-awaited series of Halo. We have also seen that Capcom and Ubisoft are closing alliances with streaming video platforms so that they adapt their most recognized franchises.

Nintendo, strangely, was a little late, but it is finally taking its first steps in the cinematographic sector. The expectation that has generated ‌Super Mario Bros. The Movie it’s a lot. largely because Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of The Plumber, was directly involved in the production. Therefore, it was in good hands from the beginning, something that has been made evident with each trailer.

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