The novel around the leak of GTA 6 is far from over. as collected Eurogamer, the FBI has been involved in the investigation of the event. This is because the attack on Rockstar Games was carried out by the same hacker who exploited Uber days ago. Being the latter one of the most important technology companies in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was not going to ignore it.

We must remember that there are two ways that link the hacker to both attacks. First of all, it was he himself who, through GTA Forums, claimed to have hacked Uber in the same publication where he shared the videos of GTA 6. Last Monday, moreover, a popular group of hacking exposed the background of the cyber criminal, mentioning that he is a teenager from the United Kingdom and that he had previously attacked the transport service.


Another important point: apparently he is the leader of LAPSUS$a cybercriminal organization that has caused headaches for several companies Big Tech; including Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. Uber’s investigation also led them in the same direction:

“We believe this attacker(s) are affiliated with a hacker group called LAPSUS$, which has been increasingly active over the last year. This group typically uses similar techniques to attack technology companies, and only in 2022 has violated Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia and Okta, among others.”



filtration of GTA 6 reached a new dimension


The most interesting thing is that Uber has echoed the hack to Rockstar Games and the subsequent leak of GTA 6, which are very possibly linked to the same person responsible. They also mention that they are coordinating efforts with the FBI:

“There were also reports over the weekend that video game manufacturer Rockstar Games was raped by this same actor. We are in close coordination with the FBI and US Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.”

It should be noted that although the development of GTA 6 takes place in Rockstar North, located in Edinburgh (Scotland), the Rockstar Games hack is also the responsibility of the US authorities. Why? Because the company behind GTA 6 has a social platform —Rockstar Games Social Club— with users from all over the world.


In fact, Take-Two Interactiveowner of Rockstar Games, was forced to report to the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) that user data is not at risk after the hack.

“Rockstar Games recently experienced a network intrusion in which an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded sensitive information from its systems, including early development material for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. Current Rockstar Games services are not affected. We have already taken steps to isolate and contain this incident.”

So the hacker who leaked GTA 6 He already has the gaze of one of the most important security organizations in the North American country.