Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The father of Olga Carmona, the author of the goal that made Spain world champion, dies

Olga Carmona’s father died hours before the final, but the family decided not to tell the player so she could enjoy the game. His mother and brothers, who traveled this Saturday to Australia to accompany her on the appointment, they did it together with the soccer player’s personal psychologist. They did not want Olga to miss the most important game of her life and, both his family and friends chose not to give him the hard news before the meeting of their life. Once the celebration was over, it was when they told him the news.

Precisely Olga, after her goal, starred in one of the most emotional moments of this final. The Sevillian raised her shirt showing the name “Merchi”, in honor of the mother of a friend who had also recently passed away. She wanted to show her support and comfort the family after her loss.

Hard hit in full euphoria

“We send our most sincere hugs to Olga and her family in a moment of deep pain,” reported the Federation, which closed its note with words for the architect of the Spanish world title. “We love you, Olga, you are the history of Spanish football”concluded the text.

Olga Carmona’s goal has earned Spain a World Cup. A bit that now, it is more important than ever. It is worth it for the dreams of the girls, for the fight of their companions who are no longer here and to honor the father of the Sevillian soccer player.

That girl who studied flamenco while discovering the sport through swimming, tennis and soccer. The soccer player, who had gone unnoticed so many times, who grew up in a hostile world. Olga Carmona, the Physical Activity and Sports Science student, who plays during the day and studies at night, he did what he does best on the Sydney stadium table. Magic.

From the goal, Carmona did not lose his smile. When he whistled the referee’s whistle in the 113th minute he started running. Extra time dragged on forever, but when the whistle blew off the walls of Accor Stadium in Sydney, the tears began to well up. Hugs and kisses. Jumps, songs and photographs. Once again, Carmona was the protagonist. They had made history, and not just for them. For those who traveled to Australia and New Zealand and for those who did not. For those who stood up, those who argued and fought. For those who have arrived again and have joined forces. Also for those who will come, who see that it is not just a dream, but a reality.

Now, he has also made history for his father, whom he has had to fire early.


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