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The farewell bell has rung for Bangladesh, how much money will Tigers get from the World Cup?

Bangladesh cricket team left the country to play in the 13th edition of the World Cup with many dreams. But Bangladesh got the bitter taste of defeat in six consecutive matches by performing on the field. As a result, the Tigers are confirmed to be the first to leave.

Bangladesh started their World Cup mission with a huge win against Afghanistan. But after that, there is a downfall. Bangladesh is without victory in six consecutive matches. So far, Bangladesh is at the ninth position in the points table with one win and six losses after playing seven matches. The Tigers have two more matches in hand. Those two matches are just rules. The opponents are Sri Lanka and Australia.

When the big ICC tournaments come, many eyes are on prize money or prize money. Many cricket fans started to find out how much a team is getting. The world cricket governing body ICC announced a financial prize of one million USD in this World Cup. The seventh round of the World Cup round robin league, which started on October 5, is now underway. That is, the World Cup is almost at the end. On November 19, the curtain will come down on the World Cup with the title deciding match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The champion team of the tournament will get 4 million US Dollars (about 44 crores in Bangladeshi currency) as prize money. And those who lose in the final, will pocket half of the champion team’s money. That is, the runner-up team will get 2 million US dollars (which is about 22 crores in Bangladeshi currency).

However, even if the final or semi-final is not played, the ICC will give a certain amount of financial reward to each participating team. The two teams eliminated from the semi-finals will receive 8 million dollars each. In Bangladeshi currency that is 8 crore 78 lakh taka.

Apart from this, there is a large amount of prize money for the teams eliminated from the first round. Each of the six eliminated teams will receive $100,000. 1 crore 10 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency. Besides, the 45 matches in the group stage, the winning teams will get 43 lakh 89 thousand taka.

Bangladesh won one of their seven matches. The Tigers still have two games left. Bangladesh will finish the World Cup with matches against Sri Lanka on November 6 and Australia on November 11. So far, Bangladesh is getting about one and a half million taka. If you win the last two matches, the amount of money will increase further.

(November 01/NBW)


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