Thursday, June 1, 2023

The euro recovers ground and rises to US$1.0974

He euro recovered positions today, in a day without new relevant indicators, although the slight drop in inflation was confirmed in Germany who had already pointed out the provisional data for April released a few weeks ago.

The euro was exchanged around 03:00 GMT at US$1,0974compared to US $ 1.0961 in the last hours of the European negotiation of the foreign exchange market of the previous day.

He European Central Bank (BCE) for its part set the reference exchange rate for the euro at US$1.0950.

The single currency moved in a band of fluctuation between US$1.0941 and US$1.1007.

It was a working day without major stimuli and in which a decline, albeit very slight, in inflation was confirmed in the leading economy of the euro zone, Germany.

According to the consolidated data of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), inflation fell for the second consecutive month and stood at 7.2% in April, after 7.4% in March.

The prices of the energy sector rose 6.8% year-on-year, which means a new acceleration after an increase in the 3.5%but at least it remained below the level of headline inflation.


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