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The EU offers free courses in English and other languages: this is how you can sign up

English or any other language can be a fundamental tool when it comes to finding a job or traveling the world. Often, however, learning a language can be a difficult task; not because of the complexity of the language, but because of the lack of time or resources to, for example, enroll in an academy. Fortunately, the European Union seems to have found a solution to this problem: free courses in English or other languages ​​through the new EU Academy.

The EU Academy, in particular, is an online learning platform that allows citizens of the European Union learn several of the languages ​​spoken in Europe, and all completely online. They are, of course, official English courses and completely free. Those users who want to learn any of the available languages, just have to register and start studying the language.

At the moment, the EU Academy offers courses in English, French, German or Italian, and other official languages ​​of the territory. In all of them, you can obtain up to a B2 level, where the European Union affirms that it is possible to obtain a coherent conversation to meet people, talk with friends or family or learn everyday expressions that can be useful when visiting shops, restaurants or sightseeing.

How to sign up for free EU English courses

Free courses in English and other languages ​​of the European Union are now available to any citizenand while many are intended for Erasmus students, they can be accessed by anyone.

To do this, it is only necessary to access the UE Academy website and choose the language you want to learn. It is best to search for the language and level —for example, “Curso de inglés B1”, or “Francés B1”—. Then, just click on the ‘Register’ button and log in or create an account on the platform through your email, as well as accept the terms and conditions of the course.

Once you have completed these steps, the platform will show a new page with all the modules that you must complete with the aim of learning the language. Many of these modules are interactive quizzes or tasks to practice reading comprehension, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

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