Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The EU and the US will enhance cooperation on emerging technologies and sustainable trade

The European Union (EU) and USA agreed this Wednesday in Luleå (northern Sweden) in the fourth edition of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) to promote their cooperation in emerging technologies, sustainable trade and economic security.

In a joint statement released at the end of this ministerial forum, both highlighted the progress made in the field of semiconductors, implementing agreements on early warning in the supply chain and transparency in subsidies and putting into practice a mechanism to prevent ” competitions for subsidies”.

The parties have also deepened cooperation in their respective chip laws and will join forces to investigate how to replace PFAS – a class of chemical products widely used – in semiconductor supply chains.

The EU and the US further agreed on a common international standard on charging systems for heavy electric vehicles and developed recommendations to implement charging infrastructure with public funds.

Accelerating cooperation towards a common vision and an industrial route on 6G wireless communication systems, as well as solid and secure connectivity projects in third countries, were other commitments of the forum, which sees great opportunities but at the same time risks in the technologies. of artificial intelligence.

The joint statement, which urges online platforms to exercise “greater responsibility” in protecting and empowering minors, expressed “deep” concern over the strategic use of “disinformation narratives” by Russia and called to fight “the information manipulation and interference in third countries”, especially in Latin America and Africa.

The EU and the US, whose bilateral trade reached record figures of 1.55 trillion euros last year, showed their willingness to increase trade relations by facilitating them in key sectors.


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