Friday, December 8, 2023

The Escalada Marbella Club takes the entire podium

absolute podium

absolute podium
Climbing Club Marbella

He EMC not only participated in the 3rd Test of the Andalusian Nordic Walking Cup FAM, but decided to take all the medals he could and more; the championship was held in Granada, specifically in lanteira On May 21, the competition was organized by the Lanteira Mountain Club and the city council of the town of Granada. On the day of the test, the participants had to do 3 laps of a 3.5 km circuit, which was made up of compact earth, looser earth on some trails and 150 m of concrete.

The weather and the conditions of the terrain helped Club Escalada Marbella to win a large number of medals, the club brought up to 30 participants prepared to give their all. In the men’s category, Juan Carlos Cabello took first place (01.05:52) while his partner in the Andalusian team, Sara Dabrio, is not far behind and finished in 3rd position in the women’s category (01.15:58). . Up to a total of 9 mixed participants from the Marbella team, in the different categories of the competition, managed to win a position on the podium.

On the part of the little ones, they all came from the Nordic walking school Movers Walkingthey did not do the complete route and they did 2 laps of the circuit, a total of 7 km, also in the categories below the senior it was possible for some participants to occupy a place among the first 3, such as cadet, juvenile, male infant and female infant .


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