Thursday, June 1, 2023

The era of cheap folding begins: Motorola prepares a Razr Lite that will arrive shortly

plans Motorola for your new folding razr They would be more ambitious than thought. The company has already confirmed that it plans to launch a new version of its smartphone, but what is new is that it would come accompanied by a Lite model. As its name indicates, the latter would stand out for being cheaper.

The details regarding the technical characteristics of the device are scarce, if not null. However, new renders based on leaked information that would show the full design of the rumored Motorola Razr Lite.

The images show that the main aesthetic difference between the cheap version of the foldable and the top-of-the-line model —which would supposedly be launched under the name Razr+— would be on the external screen. The Motorola Razr Lite would include an outer panel that would not only be smaller than that of its older brother, but also that of previous versions of the device.

According to collect 9to5Google, the external screen of the rumored Motorola Razr Lite would occupy the entire width of the device. However, only 25% of the top half of the back of the foldable. We also note that the renders They show that the section of the cover dedicated to the screen would include the double rear camera. This would give the mobile an appearance more similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and 4.

It will also remain to be seen how much this decision affects in terms of functionality. Let’s not forget that manufacturers of folding clamshells are choosing to equip their equipment with increasingly larger outdoor screens. This is something we’ve already seen materialize in the Oppo Find N2 Flip and is also rumored for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, as well as the top-of-the-line Motorola Razr, or Razr+.

The Motorola Razr Lite would open the way for cheap folding

Rumors of the Motorola Razr Lite point to a presentation that would supposedly take place soon. During MWC 2023, Lenovo’s CEO confirmed that Motorola’s new foldable smartphone would launch later this year. And although the executive did not provide further details, comments have circulated about a possible event in june.

The spec tables for the Motorola Razr+ and Razr Lite are still a mystery. Until now, it is only known that the highest-performance model would incorporate an external screen that would occupy the entire upper half of the rear cover. While under the hood it would present a double battery system —one with 2,850 mAh, and the other with 790 mAh—, which would give it a combined capacity of 3,640 mAh. In addition, it would come equipped with support for fast wired charging of up to 33 W; a characteristic already common in several models of the brand, both folding and conventional.

It is speculated that the rest of the specifications could be in line with what is already known in previous models of the foldable Motorola Razr. Although a small push is not ruled out so that it is on a par with other high-end models. Recall that the 2022 version came with 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage, 13 and 50-megapixel rear cameras, and a 6.7-inch main screen. The processor chosen for said device was the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, so it would not be surprising if the Razr+ arrives with the renewed Gen 2 SoC.

As for the Motorola Razr Lite, the rumors place it, logically, one step below in terms of technical characteristics. It remains to be seen what type of hardware and finishes the manufacturer chooses for the economic version of this foldable. Will this be the beginning of the era of cheap folding? We will know soon.

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