Friday, September 22, 2023

The end of WhatsApp Web is coming: how you can see the application on your computer in the future

WhatsApp It is the most widely used instant messaging application in the world, and it constantly seeks to improve the experience of its users, which has been its priority for months. However, in a recent update, the end of the desktop version of the application, known as WhatsApp Web, was announced.

While this news may come as a surprise to many, it was previously anticipated that Windows users using the Electron-based WhatsApp desktop app would receive an expiration message when opening the app. This announcement was made by the information site WABetaInfo and has surprised millions of people who use this tool.

WhatsApp Web can no longer be used, the end of an era

The company behind WhatsApp, Meta, has decided to end the operation of WhatsApp Web permanently. However, it’s important to note that this measure only affects the Electron-based Windows app, so if you use this, you’ll need to switch to other options.

The explanation given by the company is that the applications developed with this system consume more resources. On the other hand, “native” apps provide a smoother experience and offer better quality of service. Given the closure of WhatsApp Web for Windows, users will now have to download the new native application through the Microsoft Store.

As it is a native application, users will be able to enjoy an improved experience. However, it’s important to note that some tools, such as autoresponders on business accounts, may not be available.

How to download the new version of WhatsApp web?

If you want to use the new version of WhatsApp Web, here is a simple step by step:

– Go to the “Windows” logo and click.

– Search and enter the Microsoft Store.

– In the search bar you must write “WhatsApp Web”.

– Select the official Meta application and download it.

– Once the download process is finished, the app will install itself and you will be able to use it.

Although the end of WhatsApp Web It may come as a surprise to some, this was something that was expected and that really only seeks to improve the use of said tool. It is important to be aware of the changes and follow the instructions provided by Meta to get the most out of this.


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